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  • 2010-MAY-14: Firebomb attack on Florida mosque: The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) reported on a recent firebomb attack on a Muslim mosque in Florida. According to their Post-9/11 terrorism data base, this is "the 62nd incident attempted by non-Muslim violent extremists" in the U.S. They also record 34 plots by Muslim violent extremists, presumably in the U.S.... They wrote: "Instead of being treated as partners and equal citizens within our country, Muslim Americans are increasingly being met with outright contempt, suspicion and bigotry from many angry and dangerous elements in our society."

  • 2010-MAY-15: Sweden: Some Muslims retaliate against cartoon: In 2007, Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks drew a cartoon of Muhammad with the body of a dog -- a despised animal in predominately Muslim countries. The Swedish regional daily \nerikes Allehanda published it to illustrate an editorial on the importance of freedom of expression. Some Muslims protested in the newspaper's tow...n. Egypt, Iran and Pakistan governments made complaints. Al Qaeda offered a $100,00o reward to anyone who murdered Vilks with an $50,000 bonus if his throat was slit. During March, four men and three women were arrested in southern Ireland because of an alleged plot to assassinate Vilks. He was physically attacked while giving a lecture at Uppsala University. Finally, his house was firebombed on 2010-MAY-16. He plans to sleep elsewhere for a while. 1

  • 2010-MAY-19: NY: Middle school student suspended for wearing rosary: Raymond Hosier, a student at Oneida Middle School in Schenectady NY, has been forbidden to wear a rosary which school officials consider to be a "gang related" item. The school's dress code states: "A student's dress ... shall ... not denote reporesent or be deemed to be gang related, included... but not limited to bandanas, colors, flags or beads." However, the rosary is generally regarded as a form of symbolic religious speech. Previous court cases have determined a person has a right to wear such items under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. A near duplicate case was decided in the student's favor in Chalifoux v. New Caney Indep. Sch. Dist in 1997.

    Raymond is wearing the rosary in memory of his brother who was holding it as he was dying in a hospital in 2005. He also wears it in memory of his uncle who died recently of brain cancer. His uncle taught Raymond about the rosary. He wore it on the outside of his shirt uneventfully starting in 2009-SEP. He was sent home from school by the assistant principal on MAY-17. A lawsuit is expected. Raymond has the support of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) a fundamentalist Christian legaldefense group. 2

  • 2010-MAY-27: USA: Congress acts on Don't Ask, Don't Tell Pentagon policy: The Don`t Ask Don`t Tell (DADT) policy was created by Congress and has been in place since 1993. It prohibits lesbians and gays from serving openly in the Armed Forces. The Senate Armed Forces Committee voted early on the morning of MAY-27 to repeal theDADT policy conditional on the issuance of the Pentagon report on the topic that is currently scheduled for 2010-DEC, and also conditional on confirmation that repeal of DADT would not affect the Armed Forces negatively. The vote was 16 to 12 for repeal. 15 Democrats and Senator Susan Collins (ME,R) voted for the bill. The committee then voted 18 to 10 to refer the bill to the full Senate.

    This was followed a few hours later by the approval of the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 234 to 194. 229 Democrats and five Republicans supported the repeal amendment. 168 Republicans and 26 Democrats opposed it. Two days earlier, CNN released its latest polling results. 78% of American adults favor elimination of the DADT policy.

    The full Senate will consider the bill later in the year. More details, incuding reactions.

  • 2010-MAY-31: Afghanistan: Afghan children brutally flogged: The Afghan Independent Human rights Commission released a video showing a young girl being publically flogged. It was posted on YouTube on 2010-MAR-31. writes:

    When Khadija, 13, and Basgol, 14, escaped from the much older men they'd been forced to marry, they thought the police would help. Instead, the police officers who found the girls fleeing on a bus sent them back to their home village to be brutally flogged for running away from their husbands. The two girls' fate is nothing unusual in Afghanistan, where marriage of girls under 16 and public flogging—though both illegal—remain widespread.

    The girls' flogging was videotaped, and after failed efforts to win government action to protect girls, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission released the tape. The incident is only the latest example of the Afghan government's inability—or unwillingness--to tackle forced marriages of child brides, human rights activists allege. Floggings aren't the only punishment girls face. Some girls report being routinely beaten, fed rat poison by their husbands, and forced to become suicide bombers, according to New York Times reporters who visited a shelter for escaped child brides in Kabul. Others have been killed by their fathers for fleeing their husbands. 3

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. "Arson attack on house of Swede who caricatured Mohammed," Google hosted news, 2010-MAY-16, at:
  2. "Immediate end to the violation of Raymond Hosier's constitutional rights," American Center for Law and Justice, 2010-MAY-23, at:
  3. "Afghan women flogged brutally," You Tube. video, 2010-MAY-31, at:

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Copyright © 2010 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2010-MAY-17
Latest update: 2010-MAY-31
Author: B.A. Robinson

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