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Contributing Editor Susan Humphreys:

One of those things.

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I cast the I Ching this morning as I do almost every morning. Some people think it is a fortune telling device. It isn‚€™t. It is more akin to an advice column such as Dear
Abby. Casting the I Ching can sometimes lead to one of those clarifying ‚€œaha‚€ moments that we all need, now and then, to get us back on the right path when we
have strayed, a bit!

And as usual I also wrote down what I had cast in my daily journal. This morning I cast # 40 Release, with line 5 as a change line. The basic statement is:

‚€œThe thunder rolls, releasing a cloudburst. The superior man stays on friendly ground. He (she) forgives errors and deals gently with those who wrong him.‚€ \\

The vision of release is seen in the thunder and the cloudburst and in forgiving those who wrong us. Does this remind you of a Biblical passage? It should, from the Lord's Prayer we are reminded to ‚€œforgive those who trespass against us.‚€!

Part of the explanation for the change line read:

‚€œyou yourself are the only means of your own release.‚€

This is good advice. It reminds us that we have to make the effort, to take the first steps. We shouldn‚€™t sit around for a knight in shining armor to ride in and rescue us!

But that isn‚€™t what I wrote down in my journal. Sometimes my subconscious mind makes its presence known!

I wrote:

‚€œyou are the only means to bring about your self.‚€

This brought me up short. Then I remembered a little piece of advice a friend gave me on my 36th birthday, many years ago! I was having some difficulties with my husband. We
divorced a couple of years later. My job was annoying in many ways, I felt stifled and frustrated.

My friend said:

‚€œYou know, when I turned 36 I realized that I had lived 18 years under my parents roof and 18 years on my own. If there was anything I didn‚€™t like
about myself or where I was I had only myself to blame.

The aha moment: if you don‚€™t like who you are, you are the only one that can free yourself (release yourself) from what is holding you back so that you can become
the person you want to be (bring about your self)!

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Author: Contributing Editor Susan Humphyreys
Originally posted on: 2019-OCT-22

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