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The Eternal God

A spiritual poem by Andrew Pell

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My children, I have existed when your world was a molten mass.

I have existed when your galaxy was swirling gas.

I will exist when time is no more.

I have existed in many worlds before.

I have put into motion the formation of many galaxies throughout what you call time.

This is all part of my grand design.

Creation takes on many forms, it is always on going.

I cannot stand still.

It is all part of my divine will.

My love for you is infinite.

With your finite understanding, it is difficult for you have clarity and insight.

I am always there for you.

Believe these words they are true.

When the Universe is no more,

I still will be there.

My children, I love you and do care.

I am called many names,

I am called "I AM, The Presence, The Ancient of Days, The Divine Love" - I am one.

My love cries out to you, I urge you to come.

Nature and animals know my presence.

In all creation is my essence.

It is man that turns his face from me.

He is blind, he is in the darkness, he cannot see.

I am the light that shines for eternity.

I am the source that sustains eternity.

I am the Logos from the beginning of time

All creation is mine.

I gave you a world to make you happy.

Yet you turn your face from me.

Follow the Light, follow your heart.

Embrace the light, Embrace my Love.

I am found in the likeness of a Dove.

I will not forever wait.

There are myriads of worlds out there, that you can't even fathom.

My presence can be found in the deepest cavern.

I am reaching out to you.

I am bringing truth and understanding to you.

Once again my words are true.

Take my hand, walk with me.

Feel the cosmic love burn in your heart.

We will never be apart.

You will be with me throughout all time.

You will be co-creators with me at this special time.

I reveal myself in all that is beautiful.

You have been fashioned from my most beautiful of Angels.

There is so much I wish I could tell.

In time all things will be made clear.

And then you will walk without any fear.

That time is coming fast

The darkness will not last

The dawn is near

Things will become crystal clear.

Embrace me now while you still may.

Embrace the dawn of that most glorious day.

Embrace my love it is fast approaching from above.

The world will be illuminated with peace.

All wars shall cease.

The kingdom of God is at hand.

The elect will be part of the angelic band.

Time is short do not be slow.

Peace and love to your brother you must sow.

I am the eternal God

follow the path that your ancestors trod.

I am with you from the beginning to end.

My Angels to help you I will send.

Reach out while there is still time.

The Forces of darkness are beginning to align.

Embrace me now, while you may.

Turn around, embrace me today

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Copyright © 2004 by Andrew Pell
Originally written: 2004-APR-27
Latest update: 2005-OCT-20
Author: Andrew Pell

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