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An essay donated by Sagaren Pillay

How to Conquer Fear and Be Happy, Healthy and Rich

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Chapter 1:

Everyone wants to be happy, we also want to be healthy and financially comfortable but how many people actually are all these things. Some folks are happy, some are happy and healthy but it is very rare that you find people who have all three. We can all think of people who have the trappings of material success and yet have disastrous personal lives.

Anyone who has read the previous two eBooks I've written will know that my modus operandi is to keep things short, simple but above all of practical use. I have no time for so called self help "Gurus" whose main motivation is to churn out book after book just to keep you addicted to their own brand of useless drivel.

The things I talk about are the problems I've struggled with during the 45 years of my life and what I offer are practical solutions that I know work because I use them.

I am happy, healthy and have a comfortable life now but it definitely hasn't always been this way. Most of my life I felt worthless, inadequate and incompetent. I hated myself and believed I was destined for a life full of pain and misery. At age 40 and while living on welfare in a one bedroom apartment in the poorest borough of the UK my Mother died. While at the mortuary that day I made a promise to mum I was going to sort my life out and make her proud of me.

Within 18 months of mums' passing I met Lolly who is now my beloved wife, I found a well paid job and we put down a deposit on a house in Cambridge. The thing is, if I a regular working class lad from an immigrant family and no college education, can go from abject misery to happiness, hope and fulfillment, then so can you.

My first two books spoke about the spiritual journey I embarked on and the internal values and beliefs I had to change that made a massive difference to the quality of my life.

I don't want to go over old ground because that would be disrespectful to the people who bought those books and who are looking for new information that can take their lives to the next level.

I am first and foremost a person of honesty and integrity and have no interest whatsoever in rehashing the same message and selling it over and over again in different forms. I did not have the insight I have now when I wrote the other two books. The messages I conveyed in them were integral to my spiritual, emotional and material growth. When I wrote the first book I didn't think I'd write a second but I felt compelled to. Now I feel compelled to write this because I have a real desire to help people to transform their lives with stuff that actually works.

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Chapter 2:

There is only one thing that stops us from realizing our potential and having an amazing life and that is FEAR. As I mentioned in my other books, lots of us had horrible childhoods where we abused in some shape or form. My intention is not to apportion blame or have anyone dwell on the unhappy aspects of that time but it is important to understand where our feelings of fear originate. Fear leads to anger which leads to hate that is either internalized as self sabotaging behavior or externalized and projected onto others as bullying behavior. Bullies see others as the problem and themselves as perfect so they tend not to read self help books. If you are reading this then you are probably a people pleaser like me. A desire to always please others stems from an addiction for approval which at its core is a fear of being disapproved of.

You are reading this because deep inside you know there is a better, stronger and smarter version of you. You want more than anything to be able to find the key which will unlock your potential once and for all and help you to the live the life you've always dreamed of.

Helping people find themselves and their Power is an awesome responsibility. There are many vulnerable souls who desperately seek solutions for heart wrenching problems. I promise you I do not take that responsibility lightly. I genuinely want to help and can help you if you are ready. The solutions I offer do not require pills or potions, you don't have to part with massive amounts of cash or buy any kind of technical equipment.

No, the solutions I offer are spiritual, emotional and psychological. They are simple and easy to implement. The Truth is they work and I know they work because I use them every day.

Let's get to the Truth.

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Chapter 3:

Who are you? I believe this question is at the heart of the matter. You see when we find out who we really are it provides a transformational awakening. We may think we are is this weak, ineffectual waste of space but the Truth of who we are, once discovered, will change our lives forever.

Now if you're not spiritual in any way then what I have to teach will sound very strange. In all honesty when I first became aware of these Truths they seemed strange to me too but the more I thought about them the more they made sense. Gradually I was able to find a way to integrate them into my life and make truly amazing changes.

  • Truth number one is We are Divine Energy.

I believe that the super powerful energy which created the Universe is flowing through us in this very moment but most of us don't know how to access it. It is also my belief that this infinite Power is made up of three separate infinite energies. These being Infinite Love, Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Courage. When we are able to relax and align ourselves with these energies we are able harness a truly extraordinary Power over ourselves and our lives.

There will be more on how to connect to this Power later but for now let's talk about Truth number two.

  • Truth number two is You Deserve The Best.

Now if we really do have the ability to tap into Source Energy that means we are very powerful individuals. And if God or whatever you want to call Source or Divine Energy has given us this amazing Power to create our lives, then it has to follow that we are deserving of whatever we desire.

If you've felt unworthy most of your life then the above statement is hard to comprehend. But believe me, the fact that you exist means you are meant to be here and also that you deserve whatever you want. There are things you need to do like learn how to love and forgive yourself for your perceived wrong doings before you can begin to feel deserving and I wrote about how to do that in my first book The 3 Step Solution. As I said before I think it's unfair to cover old ground in a new book.

So yes, you do deserve the best and this understanding coupled with the knowledge of who you really are, is crucial in helping you move past your problems and conquer fear and self doubt for good. Also a really important point is that your present circumstances already reflect what you subconsciously believe you deserve. I only brought love, happiness and wealth into my life once I truly believed I deserved them and so can you when you change your beliefs

  • Truth number three You Can Take Command Now.

Having struggled with low self esteem, depression, addiction etc most of my life the idea of being deserving and powerful came as quite a shock to the system. And I'm not pretending that is was an overnight job. I made the promise to my mother when I was 40 but I started looking for answers about 4 years before that. My mothers' passing was really the rock bottom I needed to hit before I could begin my ascent. So I was 36 when I started seeking answers and I'm 45 now which means it's taken me 9 years to get to this point. I feel I've learnt a few simple Truths that have made a huge difference in my life. It is my sincere wish to pass on this priceless wisdom so that you can heal your life. I want you to live with joy and peace now and not have to wait 9 years.

Once you accept your Divine nature and Feel deserving of the best you can then take conscious command of yourself and create the life of your dreams.

There is a very simple process I use which at first glance may seem overly simplistic but I promise you it does work and if you want it to it will work for you. Of course you do not have to buy my other two short and simple eBooks but I feel they are the essential first two steps before you reach this third and final step to conscious creating. On to the process I use.

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Chapter 4:

If you've read my other eBooks you will know that I like using affirmations to make firm in the mind exactly how you want to feel and what you want to manifest into reality.

I believe that this process combines my love of affirmations and the principles of deservedness and ties them together for extra Power with something I call Conscious Commands™.

The first step is to find somewhere quiet and comfortable if you can and just relax. Just breathe deeply and slowly, you can place a hand on your abdomen and focus on it rising and falling. Don't worry about counting breaths or whether to use your nose or mouth, just breathe in whatever way you find relaxing and focus in on this moment.

The next step is to align with who you really are, so once you feel relaxed simply say to yourself " I Am Infinite Love, Wisdom and Courage. Infinite Power flows through me". Again there is no right or wrong way to do this, say these words as few or as many times as you want, so that you begin to really feel Love, Wisdom, Courage and Power flowing through you.

Next we move on to feeling deserving, so still in a state of relaxed Power you say " As I Am Infinite, Love, Wisdom, Courage and Power, I now feel fully deserving of Happiness, Health and Wealth". Again say this as many or as few times as feels right for you.

Now to the rocket fuel of the process. Once you begin to feel Powerful and Deserving you can use the Magic Key of manifesting which is the Conscious Command™ aspect. You then say " I Lovingly Command Myself to Let go of fear and allow myself to become all I can be".

You can lovingly command yourself to be, do or have anything. Let go of fear, anger or shame. Let go of sabotaging behaviors including addictions, self harm, people pleasing. You can lovingly command yourself to be more loving to yourself and others, more thoughtful, more generous. You can lovingly command yourself to smile more, be happier, exercise, start your own business, the list is endless.

Once you have mastered the process you'll find you can quickly relax, align, feel deserving and consciously command your reality. I find myself driving along sometimes and I'll get cut up in traffic and say "I lovingly command myself to let go of anger and feel at peace" and it works instantly.

The reason why the word "command" is so important is because it instantly shifts you into a position of personal power and without that feeling of having power over yourself and your world you will not take the required action necessary to make things happen. It really is the "secret" ingredient for success.

Well there you have it. My personal formula for creating a life free of fear and emotional pain, a life with more love and happiness and a life of more material and financial success. I created this eBook to share with you for free. You see I've been so blessed by using this formula that it just feels right that I share this message with as many people who are open to hearing it. I sincerely hope it brings you the love, happiness, good health and wealth you deserve and can command. I wish you much peace and love.



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Copyright © 2013 by Sagaren Pillay 
Originally posted: 2013-FEB-08
Latest update: 2013-FEB-08
Author: Sagaren Pillay 

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