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Developments during 2019-MAY

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2020-MAY-18: Moderna announces results of its clinical trials of a Corona virus vaccine:

Moderna, a biotech company, reported encouraging results from their first phase of their small initial clinical trials of their newly developed COVID-19 vaccine. Some participants in the small trial developed virus-fighting antibodies similar to those found in patients who have recovered from Covid-19. This suggests that the vaccine triggers a level of immunity in some people. 1 Much larger successful trials are needed before a vaccine can be approved.

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President Trump told reporters that he it taking hydroxychloroquine -- supplemented by zinc -- daily. It is an anti-malaria drug which he believes will prevent him from developing COVID-19. Many of his administration's medical professionals have advised against him taking the drug because it cases significant side effects in some people -- sometimes causing death. It has not been shown to be effective against COVID-19. During April, the Food and Drug Administration warned physicians that it should only be administered for COVID-19 in a hospital or research setting. 2 Unfortunately, many people might be inclined to follow the President's practice, and become ill. Some will die.

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2020-MAY-19: Some retail stores open in Canada:

The provinces of Ontario and British Colombia greatly increased the number of retail stores which can open their doors to the public, starting during the week of MAY-18. This week, Monday was a holiday in Canada celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria (1819-MAY-24 to 1901-JAN-22) Most stores that reopened did it on Tuesday, MAY-19. 3 Provincial governments are requiring stores to follow strict guidelines, like requiring customers to maintain sufficient distance from each other, installing plexiglas shields in front of cash registers. Some stores will require employees to wear masks, limiting the number of customers in the store at any given time, etc.

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