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An essay donated by Karen G. Post

Jesus Talks About Abortion In A Wondrous Dream

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Last night I had a wondrous dream it woke me from my sleep
Jesus came to talk to me, his voice was soft and sweet
So many things were on my mind unsure of where to start
He seemed to read my mind as though He knew my troubled heart. 

Abortionís always bothered me cause I donít understand
How a mother can dispose of one that longs to feel her hands
Jesus face it saddened and a tear fell from His eye
It broke my heart to see His pain I couldnít help but cry. 

He said He wished there was a way to make us all believe
That a babyís life begins the moment that it is conceived
He mentioned the excuses that Heís heard over the years
For the murders of His babies then He wiped away my tears 

He said lust is no excuse to conceive a precious life
A life that is intended for a husband and his wife
Then He mentioned fear and He wished that we could see
He said some have let their fears rob them of their faith in Me 

So they discard the life that longs to feel their love
Not thinking of the pain it causes MeÖabove
 I long to help them through it and Iíd find a happy home
For the unwanted babyís of the mothers all alone 

He mentioned all the prayers and the tears that some have shed
When they realized what they had done their hearts had filled with dread
He said He has forgiven them His love He wants to send
And He also sends His promise that their hearts will start to mend 

He talked about a father that is forced to choose a life
Between his unborn baby or his loving precious wife
He said He feels the pain that the fatherís going through
And He knows his heart is breaking knowing what he has to do
 Jesus understands this and the father has to know
That his precious little baby has a loving place to go

I said Lord what can I do to end the needless slaughter
He said share these words with every mother and daughter

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Inspired by the Holy Spirit on 2007-DEC-17
Originally posted: 2007-DEC-19
Latest update: 2007-DEC-17
Author: Karen G. Post

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