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"A Friend's meeting, however silent, is at the very lowest a witness that worship is something other and deeper than words, and that it is to the unseen and eternal things that we desire to give the first place in our lives. And when the awake and looking upwards, there is much more in it than this. In the united stillness of a truly 'gathered' meeting, there is a power known only by experience, and mysterious even when most familiar." Caroline Stephen, (1908).

Overview and a disclaimer:

Most faith groups have specific beliefs that their membership is expected to follow. Sometimes, as in the case of the Roman Catholic church, these requirements are numerous. The Religious Society of Friends is near the opposite end of the religious spectrum. They rely heavily upon spiritual searching by individual members, individual congregations and meetings (regional assemblies). This makes the Quakers difficult to describe in a short essay. We attempt here to portray mainstream Quaker practice. Some Quaker meetings at the liberal and evangelical ends of the spectrum differ significantly from what is covered here.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet Quaker history in Europe and North America
bullet Beliefs and practices
bullet Quaker Meetings (groups), service organizations, church finder and resources
bullet The Society of Friends and homosexuality -- various viewpoints

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