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Tools and hints for webmasters

Part 2 of two parts

Meta tag keywords. Get a word count.
Monitoring your site's acceptance
& rating by others. Is your site online

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This topic is continued from the previous essay.

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keyboard Meta tag keywords:

You can help search engines that scan your site through the use of keywords. For example, if you write an essay that deals with the religion of Buddhism, you might enter the following HTML coding in the header section of the essay:

<head> .....
<meta name="keywords" content="Buddhism, Buddha, world, religion, eastern">

Unfortunately, many web site authors abused this system by inserting invalid keywords. As a result, many of the search engine downgrade the importance of keywords.

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To see which search terms are frequently entered into search engines, had a keyword selector tool Entering "religion" into this selector on 2006-MAY-07 gave the following results for the previous month:

266,041 religion
111,178 true religion jeans
36,395 bad religion
27,985 true religion
15,973 religion and spirituality
15,246 religion belief
10,697 greek religion
10,213 world religion
8,653 catholic religion
8.631 losing my religion
7.166 phillippine religion
6.061 muslim religion
5.488 islam religion
5,176 buda religion
This might suggest that you should add "buda," a misspelling of "Buddha," to your Buddhist essay's keyword list. Since few webmasters will enter a misspelled word, you might well result in a high search engine rating for web surfers searching for "buda religion"

Unfortunately, the free service is no longer available. WordTraker offers a paid service with a free trial. See:  We have not tried this service, because it would not accept any of our Email addresses during the trial signup process -- perhaps because our site is located in Canada.

Hermetic Systems has a "keywords meta tag generator" program which will scan an HTML document and create a suggested keywords meta tag. You can download a trial version at no cost. See: They also have an advanced model that will scan through an entire folder of HTML documents.

Search Engine Spider Test Tool:

SeoBook has a free spider test on their website at: By typing in a URL, the program shows the page's source code, title, description, size in bytes, text, outbound links and common words and phrases.

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Obtain an essay's word count:

Few HTML editors have an internal word count calculator. We use an external word counter at: You can copy an essay's text into the program, or enter the file name. The program totals the number of words, characters, unique words, paragraphs, difficult words, etc. It also shows the readability level -- for example: "college graduate."

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Monitoring your website's acceptance and ratings by others:

  • Urltrends enables webmasters to monitor their web site's PageRank, Alexa Rank, the number of users who bookmarked your website using Furl or, link popularity and other information. See:

  • TalkReviews displays information about websites, including a brief description, categories, Alexs Rank, Google PageRank, Link stats, common misspelled variations of the URL, a link to WhoIs, and the number of unique visitors per month over the past year. Curiously, they list this website as having only 20 outbound links and 5,023 inbound links. We actually have tens of thousands of outbound links and hundreds of thousands of inbound links. See:

  • Alexa "The Web Information Company" displays traffic rank among Internet users worldwide, traffic rank among U.S. visitors, reach (the percent of global Internet users who visit the site), audience demographics, website reviews, similar websites, and clickstream (the site that visitors came from in order to enter the website, and went to after leaving the website. Go to and enter a site name in the box near the top of the home page.

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Is your web site online or offline in Malaysia, Dallas and over 90 other locations?

APM Cloud Monitor will ping a server or website from over 90 monitoring stations around the world.

Some years ago, we were informed that citizens in Saudi Arabia were unable to raise our web site. Presumably, their government found the concept of religious tolerance to be threatening to their oppressive regime. They have apparently changed their mind because their saruh01 monitoring station in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia reports "Okay." However, the paply01 monitoring station in Panama City, Panama is consistently reporting our site as being an "unknown host."

This monitoring service also reports those locations experiencing a high percentage of "packets lost."


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References used:

  1. John B. Horrigan, "Why it will Be Hard to Close the Broadband Divide," Pew Research Center, 2007-AUG-01, at:

  2. "Corporate information: Technology overview,", 2010, at:

Copyright © 1995 to 2016 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Author: B.A. Robinson
Last updated: 2016-AUG-26

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