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Basic religious information and terms

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World religious data:

bullet Descriptions of the main organized religions

bullet Descriptions of ethical systems, spiritual paths, philosophies, etc.


The NONEs and NOTAs Those adults who are not affiliated with a religious group.

bullet Religious events and holy days by month

bullet Numbers of adherents of major religion, their geographical distribution, and date founded, and sacred texts

bullet Name of the place of worship and local leader, accuracy of membership data, rate of change of membership

bullet Holy texts from the world's religions for public meditation rooms, personal library, etc.

bullet Religious makeup of each country

bullet Comparing growth rates of Christianity and Islam

bullet How important is religion in various countries?


Essays donated by Contributing Editor Susan Humphreys:


Essays donated by James B. Gray:

  • Comparing Orthodoxy (correct belief) and Orthopraxy (correct behavior) Part 1  Part 2

bullet Beliefs in the U.S. compared to other "Christian nations"

bullet Center for Religious Freedom's book on religious freedom

bullet Worldwide umbrella religious organizations
bullet Religious practices including:

bullet North Americans' attendance at religious services
bullet Attendance outside of North America

bullet Divorce,
bullet Exorcism,
bulletEssay donated by Katie Johnson: Organizing a funeral or memorial service <: an essay donated by Katie Johnson>
bullet Holy days.
bullet Marriage,
bullet Ordination of women,
bullet Prayer,
bulletSex and
bullet Speaking in Tongues

U.S. religious data:

bullet About faith groups:
bullet Faith groups in the United States

bullet Comparing membership of religious groups in the U.S. and the world as a whole

bullet Faith Groups founded in the United States
bullet Abuse:
bullet Child and youth sexual abuse by Roman Catholic and other clergy
bullet Baby kidnapping and trafficking by Roman Catholics
bullet Attitudes towards other religions:
bullet By Americans, in general

bullet By American Christians

bullet Prejudice by Americans towards Mormons and Evangelicals Part 1 Part 2

bullet Religious pluralism, exclusivism & inclusivism: the three main options
bullet Beliefs:
bullet About God, Satan, heaven, hell, etc

bullet Is truth absolute or relative?

bullet Truth in religion

bullet Changes:
bullet Recent trends in Christianity

bullet Trends among Protestant denominations

bullet Confidence in religious and other institutions

bullet About Religion Watch magazine

bullet Predictions about the future of Christianity
bullet U.S. Government practices:
bullet Bigotry in the Air Force Academy. Veterans' Admin., Chaplain service
bullet U.S. elections and religion"
bullet Year 2000 election and term:
bullet Religion and the presidential primaries
bullet Leading candidates on religiously based topics
bullet Leading candidates on religious freedom
bullet Voting by different religious groups

bullet Year 2004 election and term:
bullet Religious policies of the President & Congress, 2000 to 2003
bullet Leading candidates on religiously based topics
bullet Moral aspects of the 2006 budget and state of the nation speech
bullet Religious aspects of the 2006 mid-term elections

bullet Year 2008 election and term:
bullet Potential candidates: religious implications
bullet Umbrella organizations of Christian denominations:
bullet U.S. national organizations

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Religious data -- other than American:

bullet Religion in Canada:
bullet Religious makeup; Census information; how Americans and Canadians differ; etc.
bullet Religious intolerance in Canada
bullet Religion and the year 2000 federal election
bullet Residential schools for native students
bullet Religion in the UK:
bullet Religious makeup

Data from visitors to this web site:

bullet Opinion polls of our visitors

Maps of world religions:

bullet The year 2001 World Religions Class Truckee Meadows Community College created a detailed map of the world showing the predominate religions. See:
bullet The McGraw Hill Online Learning Center has a similar map. See: You need software to read these files. It can be obtained free from:

Last update: 2018-NOV-15
Author: B.A. Robinson

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