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Religious makeup of each country

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This list shows data for countries whose names begin with the letter rule"> A to D.

Those countries beginning with D to M and N to Z are listed separately.

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In the table below:

Data is taken from the World Almanac and book of facts.

bullet Numbers are shown as percentage of the total population. 1,2
bullet The following abbreviations are used:
bullet A Atheist
bullet B Buddhist
bullet C Christian
bullet EL Evangelical Lutheran
bullet H Hindu
bullet I Indigenous, Aboriginal, Animist, Traditional faith groups
bullet J Judaism
bullet M Muslim
bullet N None
bullet O Orthodox Christian
bullet P Protestant Christian
bullet R Roman Catholic Christian
bullet Sh Shi'a Muslim
bullet Su Sunni Muslim
bullet T Taoism
bullet Data should be taken with a grain of salt:
bullet Normally, the only source of information about the religious makeup of a country comes from that country's government census. Sometimes political concerns influence the government's reporting.
bullet Figures for Sudan shows no Christian population. Yet a civil war has been active there for years between Muslims, Animists and Christians.
bullet Figures for Turkey show that everyone in that country is Muslim. Yet they have small Christian and Baha'i minorities.
bullet The official Egyptian government figures indicate that non-Muslims total only 6% of the population, and that most of them are Coptic Christians. Yet Copt-Net claims that 16% of the Egyptian population are Copts. 3
bullet Data is based on self-reporting. That is, if a person considers themselves to be a Christian, they are counted as a Christian. Various religious groups use other criteria for membership.
bullet The Encyclopedia of the Nations contains information about 193 countries in the world as well as information about the United Nations and its associated agencies. See:

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It is important to realize that these data are typically based on surveys of adults. In many countries, the vast majority of citizens are only nominally affiliated with a religious group. In much of Europe, less than 15% of the population actually attend church or other religious establishment weekly. In the U.S., about 40% say that they attend weekly; only 20% actually do. In Canada the corresponding numbers are about 20% and 10%

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Country Formal Name Religious Makeup
Afghanistan Islamic State of Afghanistan Su 84; Sh 15
Albania Republic of Albania M 70; Albanian O 20; R 10
Algeria Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria Su 99*
Andorra Principality of Andorra Mainly R
Angola Republic of Angola I 47; R 38; P 15
Antigua and Barbuda Same Mainly Anglican P
Argentina Argentine Republic R 90
Armenia Republic of Armenia Armenian O 94
Australia Commonwealth of Australia Anglican 26; R 26; Other C 24
Austria Republic of Austria R 85; P 6
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Republic M 93; O 5
The Bahamas The Commonwealth of the Bahamas Baptist 32; Anglican 20; R 19; Other C 24
Bahrain State of Bahrain Sh 75; Su 25
Bangladesh People's Republic of Bangladesh M 88; H 11
Barbados Same P 67; R 4%
Belarus Republic of Belarus 0 80; R, M, other 20
Belgium Kingdom of Belgium R 75; P & other 25
Belize Same R 62 P 30
Benin Republic of Benin I 70; M 15; C 15
Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan B 75*; H 25
Bolivia Republic of Bolivia R 95
Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina M 40; O 31; R 15
Botswana Republic of Botswana I 50; C 50
Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil R 70
Brunei State of Brunei Darussalam M 63*; B 14; C 8
Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria Bulgarian O 85; M 13
Burkina Faso Same M 50; I 40; C 10
Burma: see Myanmar    
Burundi Republic of Burundi R 62; I 32; P 5
Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia B 95
Cameroon Republic of Cameroon I 51; C 33; M 16
Canada Same R 45; United 12; Anglican 8
Cape Verde Republic of Cape Verde R 96
Central African Republic Same P 25; R 25; I 24; M 15
Chad Republic of Chad M 50; C 25; I 25
Chile Republic of Chile R 89; P 11
China People's Republic of China Officially atheist; B & T common; M, C rare
Colombia Republic of Colombia R 95
Comoros Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros Su 86; R 14
Congo (formerly Zaire) Democratic Republic of the Congo R 59; P 20; M 10; Kimbanguist 10
Congo Republic Republic of the Congo C 50; I 48; M 2
Costa Rica Republic of Costa Rica R 95
Côte d'Ivoire Republic of Ivory Coast M 60; I 25; C 12
Croatia Republic of Croatia R 77; O 11
Cuba Republic of Cuba R 85% (old data)
Cyprus Republic of Cyprus Greek O 78; M 18
Czech Republic Same A 40; R 39; P 5; O 3

* Established as the state religion.

Although care was taken in the preparation of this data, we cannot be responsible for any errors or their consequences.

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Countries whose names begin with the letter D to M and N to Z are listed separately.

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  1. "The World Almanac and book of facts, 1999," World Almanac Books, (1998) The above data was derived from this book. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store 
  2. Philip M. Parker, "Religious Cultures of the world," (1997). Read reviews or order this book "Over 26,000 statistics are provided for over 70 religious groups covering a number of social, economic, and business variables. A significant review of literature is also included."
  3. "The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt," The Coptic Network, at: 

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