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 Websites selling a range of products:
including Memorial gifts, mouse pads, mugs,
pet adoption, party supplies, photographs,
quotes, scrolls, yoga paintings, and T-shirts.
Also: religious poetry.

This topic is continued from the previous essay

Sites selling a wide variety of products (Cont'd):

bullet Memorial gifts: Perfect Memorials sell cremation urns, jewelry memorials, caskets, etc. See:
bullet Multifaith Works sells Multifaith Works Mugs. See:
bullet Cafe Press has a line of religious coffee mugs at:
bullet Zazzle sells religious coffee and travel mugs at:

bullet A broad range of products: Jewelry, booklets, post card, poster, flags, etc is available at:

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bulletParty Supplies:
bullet Party Supplies World has a collection of religious party supplies at

bullet Party City sells "Blessed Day Religious Party Supplies at:

bullet Pet Adoption: The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption: See:
bullet Search for religious photos and images at: Dreamstime  Stockfreeimages  Pixabay ShutterStock iStock

bullet Over 800,000 religiously themed images are available at Go Graph. See:
bulletQuotes, illustrated:
bullet BrainyQuote® has a list of religious quotes at: and inspirational quotes at:

bullet Christian Quotes has a group of very attractive images with quotes from Christian leaders. They encourage sharing. See:

bullet PatriArts provides "Saints Scrolls" -- illuminated manuscripts with biographical information legends, of various Christian saints. See:

bullet Indian Wedding Card provide scroll wedding cards from India. These are a traditional Hindu design. See:
bulletSpiritual items:
bullet Toga Mandala Store sells spiritual items from around the world, including braclets, mandala blankets, necklaces, yoga pants. See:


Cafe Press has a truly amazing range of religious T-shirts and other products See: Canadians can try: You can spend hours just wandering around this web site being continually amused by some of the outrageous symbols and text.

bullet Interfaith Resources sells an inter-faith T-shirt with multiple religious symbols and a slogan: "The same God listens to everyone's prayers." See:

bullet Etsy lists over 150 pages of T-shirts on their web site. See:

bullet Watches: FabWatches sells "world religion & spirituality art watches" containing religious symbols and images. See:

bullet Yoga paintings, mandala tapestry, etc: Dharma Vibes sells a wide range of paintings, mandala tapestries, vinyl wall art, etc. See:

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Religious poetry:

bullet The Poetry Pad features religious verses and rhymes for invitations, greeting cards, craft projects, etc. See:

bullet Christina Rossetti's (1830 to 1894) religious poetry can be viewed at:

bullet A thread, which is now closed, by Andrew Brown is still available at The Guardian newspaper discussed religious poetry. See:

bullet Poems by Sri Chinmoy can be seen at:

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