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 Websites selling either:
- a broad range of products or

- a narrow range of products
from Apparel to Lamps:

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Photos, paintings, sculptures, artwork, clip art, decals, quotes, greeting cards, apparel, etc. with a religious or spiritual theme:

Sites selling a wide variety of products:

bullet A World Apart logo  A World Apart sells "gifts and services for the Body, Mind and Spirit." They sell candles, crystals, gem stones, decals, incense, jewelry, oils, ritual tools, etc. See: and their blog at
bullet   Plucked Strings: Liberal Christian Voices sells shirts, art, stationery and more for the thinking Christian. See
bullet WebIdz has a list of links to web sites selling religious products and supplies. See:
bullet Mystic & Ancient Shop is an online group that sells a wide range of New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, Gothic and Ancient wares and gifts. See:

bullet Bama Witness Wear sells a wide variety of T-shirts, hats, shoes, jewelry, flipflops, books, Bibles, handbags, wallets, hoodies, home decor, gifts, etc. See:
bullet Original Products "... has been providing top quality spiritual, religious and mystical supplies. With over 10,000 unique spiritual products we cater to all religions, beliefs & traditions. See:


Sites specializing in one type of product:

bullet Apparel:
bullet has Christmas costumes for Santa, Ms. Santa, pets, etc. See:
bullet Artwork:
bullet Legacy of the Cauldron shows the artwork of many Fairy, Celtic and other art at:

bullet Poster Unlimited has a list of available artwork by topic, including Amish life, religious, Christian, etc. See:

bullet Art Gallery Worldwide shows hundreds of images of spiritually-related artwork. See:

bullet Alternative Vision is "dedicated to creative expression and the search for answers through philosophy and spiritual teachings." The web site shows a variety of the author's artwork, as well as poetry, words of wisdom, etc. See:

bullet Bowl: Yak's Corner describes a unity bowl whose purpose is: "To hold our best hopes for the future and to promote unity among different cultures. See: The web site describes how to create a unity bowl of your own. See:
bullet Calendar: Multifaith Works publish a multi-faith calendar, mugs, necklaces. etc. See:

Candles: Soy Wonderful produces handmade candles for holistic and spiritual purposes. They contain pure soy wax. No animal or insect products are used. See:


Church services: Artist Randy Davis of Drawing Closer Ministries from Ottuma, IA, travels to Churches of various denominations throughout the country as a chalk artist and Bible illustrator. See:

bullet Clipart:
bullet WiseGorilla has free clip art containing symbols of many of the world's religions. See:

bullet Barb's Pics has links to Christian clipart, photographs, etc., at:
bullet Coffee:
bullet   "Mirembe Kawomera" means "delicious peace" in the Ugandan language. It is the name of an inter-faith cooperative of Ugandan coffee farmers from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. They sell Fair Trade Certified coffee. See:

bullet Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee sells Fair Trade Certified gourmet coffee and sends most of the profit to help impoverished children around the world. See:

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bullet Decals: Hill Top Graphics sells window decals/stickers with Christian themes. They also sell a peace dove decal as a multi-faith symbol. See:
bullet Dolls: The Mystic Voodoo sells Voodoo dolls, jewelry, etc. at:
bulletGreeting cards:  
bullet 123India has free greeting cards for secular and religious occasions. Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism are featured. See:

bullet features many religious greeting cards for followers of Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikh, and Shinto. See:
bullet Canva has greeting cards of many types: Christmas, thank you, invitation, wedding, bridal shower, graduation. retirement, and many others. Graduation cards are at: Other types of cards are linked to this page.
bullet Idols: The Murti Wala manufacture and export around the world all kinds of marble Hindu Idols, Marble Murti, etc. Their web site features very beautiful images, and is worth visiting even if you have no plans to buy.
bullet Lamps: Salt Lamp Company imports Himalayan salt products and manufactures salt lamps that they claim purify the air and provide positive ions. They also sell bath salts, candlelight projectors and skin care products. See:

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