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Salaries of the executives of
large U.S. religious organizations

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Bernie Dehler, an Evangelical, of FreeGoodNews.com 1 has assembled data about the salary received by the highest executive officers in the 30 largest religious groups in the U.S. These are groups whose revenue exceeds 7 million dollars a year. Of these thirty, 29 are Christian, one is Jewish and none are Muslim. Dehler conducted the survey between 2006-DEC-27 and 2008-JAN-05.

He affixes the following copyright © notice to the chart:

"Copyright 2008: FreeGoodNews.com . No restrictions on use; please copy freely and often. FreeGoodNews.com is only responsible for the source documents posted at FreeGoodNews.com."

Sorted by Ministry Name



Organization Total Revenue Highest Exec. Name Exec. Rank Exec. Compensation
Andrew Wommack Ministries - CO $11,599,749 Andrew Wommack President, CEO $155,207
Back to the Bible - NE $12,262,815 Woodrow Kroll President $110,477
Bible Broadcasting Network - NC $13,955,329 Lowell Davey President $78,375
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - NC $125,741,822 William Franklin Graham President, CEO $120,905
Christ for all Nations - FL $13,367,736 Reinhard Bonnke President $162,165
Christian Broadcasting Network - VA $236,340,781 Michael D. Little President $275,868
Christian Research Institute - NC $7,750,716 Hank Hanegraaff President $211,632
Coral Ridge Ministries - FL $38,851,138 Thomas E. Rogeberg Executive Vice President $103,000
Dayspring International - VA $10,640,120 John E. Gilman President $99,491
Educational Media Foundation - CA $56,137,718 Richard Jenkins President $257,630
Eternal Word Television Network - AL $34,458,559 Michael P. Warsaw President $86,897
Family Radio - CA $78,306,906 Harold Camping President $0
Far East Broadcasting Company - CA $10,049,291 Gregg J. Harris President $103,020
Focus on the Family - CO $142,279,843 James D. Daly President $0
Grace to You - CA $12,485,467 John F. MacArthur President $160,000
In Touch Ministries - GA $73,348,033 Charles F. Stanley President, Founder $126,931
Insight for Living - TX $18,838,964 Cynthia Swindoll President $149,133
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews - IL $73,644,288 Yechiel Eckstein President, CEO $416,004
Jack Van Impe Ministries International - MI $11,766,465 Jack Van Impe President $153,143
Jewish Voice Ministries International - AZ $8,879,024 Jonathan Bernis President $172,111
Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef - GA $10,569,069 Michael Youssef President $0
Ligonier Ministries - FL $11,501,975 Timothy Dick President, CEO $245,197
Love Worth Finding - TN $9,979,543 William Skelton President $119,472
Luis Palau Association - OR $22,155,039 Luis Palau President $210,399
New Life Ministries - CA $8,207,713 Stephen Arterburn Chief Executive Officer $183,895
Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association - OK $12,784,007 Richard Roberts President, CEO $105,617
Peter Popoff Ministries - CA $23,556,469 Peter Popoff President $628,732
Relevant Radio - WI $15,828,441 Mark Follett Chief Executive Officer, Founder $0
Thru the Bible Radio Network - CA $19,395,879 Leo Karlyn President $0
Trinity Broadcasting Network - CA $194,092,817 Paul F. Crouch Sr. President, Director $419,500
Turning Point - CA $21,419,407 David P. Jeremiah President, CEO $115,411

It is important to realize that some of the above receive additional paychecks from other groups. Franklin Graham, for example, heads up both Samaritan's Purse and the BGEA ministries. 2

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Our recommendations:

If you wish to donate money to a non-profit religious organization, and if you believe in "liberty and justice for all," we recommend that you select a group that exhibits religious tolerance, and minimal sexism, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia in their broadcasts and publications.

If "liberty and justice for all" is not a prime concern, we recommend that you select an agency whose highest executive officer is a volunteer, as evidenced by a $0 figure in the right column. That way, a minimal amount of your donation will be diverted to pay for their salary.

If you feel that the largeer executive salaries are a disgrace to the religious community then we recommend that you go to http://www.prettygoodnews.com/ and consider supporting that group financially. They post their financial statement at that location.

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The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. FreeGoodNews has a home page at: http://www.freegoodnews.com/
  2. Bernie Dehler, "2008 Salary Review for the Top 20 Christian Ministers," FreeGoodNews.com, at: http://www.freegoodnews.com/

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Copyright © 2007 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2007-NOV-
First posting: 2007-NOV-
Latest update: 2007-NOV-
Author: B.A. Robinson

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