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We occasionally stumble across reviews of our web site:

bullet Some are very positive. That is to be expected because there is a growing awareness that religious intolerance -- the refusal to allow others to follow a different religion in peace -- may be the greatest threat to humanity's continued existence in the 21st century.
bullet Other reviews are extremely negative. That is to be expected when the topic of the site is religious tolerance, and so many people -- among the Agnostics, Atheists, Christians, Humanists, Jews, Muslims, etc. of the world -- are totally convinced that their beliefs are true and other peoples' beliefs are invalid. When you add the belief by many Theists that they are acting on behalf of God, the mixture becomes explosive.
bullet Very few reviews are neutral.

The following is not intended as a complete or representative list. It consists of the most recent 25 reviews on and all of reviews that we have found on other web sites. There are probably many more that we have not seen.

We have not left out either positive or negative reviews; you will have to trust us on that.

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Links to Reviews and citations:

bullet From 2001 to the present time
bullet From 1999 and 2000
bullet Older reviews
bullet Contributed by members of

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Original posting: 2008-FEB-24
Latest update: 2011-AUG-29
Author: B.A. Robinson

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