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Separation of church and state

Local church/state conflicts

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Topics covered in this essay:

bullet Quotations. Overview, Prayers at public school graduation ceremonies, public school sports events, and Board of Education meetings
bullet Prayers at municipal council meetings
bullet Chesterfield Country, VA
bullet Great Falls, SC
bullet Nativity displays, state and municipality mottos, symbols, crests. etc.

bullet Specific events
bullet The Mojave cross case

bullet Legal and constitutional aspects of displaying the 10 Commandments

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bullet Separation of church and state issues
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bullet The Istook Constitutional Amendment: 1995-1996
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bullet Organizations devoted to separation issues
bullet Christian boycott of the U.S. Army

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Links to web sites which deal with separation issues:

bullet "The Constitutional Principle: Separation of Church and State," at: is a web site that is totally devoted to this topic.
bullet The above site has a list of links to other Internet locations dealing with separation of church and state. See: 

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Latest update: 2009-SEP-05
Author: B.A. Robinson

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