A glossary of sexual terms

Starting with letters D to G

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Definitions of sexual terms starting with letters D to G:

bullet Dead-naming: The act of referring to a transgender person by the name they were given at birth.
bullet Demisexual: A person who does not normally have feelings of sexual attraction towards anyone, but can develop such feelings if a romantic and/or emotional bond is first established.
bullet Deviant behavior: In human sexuality, engaging in types of sexual activity that are relatively rare.
bullet Dimophic, dimorphism: Differences based on gender. See sexual dimorphisman.
bullet Drag king: An entertainer -- often a lesbian or transgender man -- who dress in clothing normally associated with men.
bullet Drag queen: An entertainer -- generally a gay man or transgender woman -- who dress in clothing normally associated with women.
bullet Effeminate: A male exhibiting behavior seen most commonly in women.
bullet Ejaculate:
bullet Verb: The act of expelling semen from the penis.

bullet Noun: Semen itself.
bullet Embryo: A form of life with human DNA between the second and eighth week after conception.
bullet Emergency contraception: (a.k.a. EC, morning-after pill, MAP) Medication used to prevent pregnancy by inhibiting the release of an ovum, or preventing conception. It was once believed that it could also prevent implantation of the pre-embryo in the wall of the uterus. However, this was shown to be extremely unlikely or impossible. Social and religious conservatives maintain in spite of this evidence that EC often or always prevents implantation and is thus -- according to their definition of the time that pregnancy begins is -- an abortifacient.

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bullet Endometrium: The lining of the uterus (a.k.a. womb). When a pre-embryo implants itself in the endometrium, pregnancy begins, according to the medical definition of "pregnancy." According to common conservative Christian belief, pregnancy starts during the process of fertilization, continues during implantation, and ends at birth, miscarriage, or abortion.

Ephebophila: Synonym: phebophilia. From the Greek: "ephebos" youth; one arrived at puberty and "philia" love for. A condition in which an adult or older youth, usually male, is preferentially sexually attracted to young people in the middle to late adolescent years -- typically girls aged 14 to 16 and/or boys 14 to 17. The older person may or may not act on their feelings. The term is occasionally used in books, articles and papers, but is not included in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). According to Wikipedia: "Some authors define ephebophilia as a sexual preference of pubescent and adolescent boys.

bullet Erection -- in a sexual context: The growth in length, diameter and rigidity of a penis, as caused by sexual excitement. Sometimes used to refer to the swelling of a woman's clitoris or nipples by persons of either sex.
bullet Fellatio: Oral sex involving the stimulation of a penis with a mouth and/or tongue. Slang term: "blow job" and "BJ."
bullet Fetus: A form of life with human DNA between the ninth week after conception, and birth.
bullet Fornication: Sexual intercourse between two people who are not married to each other. Surveys say that about 95% of the population has engaged in fornication before marriage.
bullet Gay: This is a word with multiple sexual definitions:
bullet Children and youth often use the term as a general-purpose snarl word to refer to any unacceptable behavior.
bullet Gay is sometimes defined as a male with a homosexual orientation.
bullet Sometimes, gay can refer to either a male or female with a homosexual orientation.
bullet The term is occasionally used in a more restrictive sense to refer to a homosexual who is politically active, working to achieve equal rights for the LGBT community including the right for same-sex couples to marry.
bullet Gay bashing: Physical assault perpetrated against against a person who is perceived as having a homosexual orientation and which is motivated by a hatred of gays and/or lesbians. Some surveys have shown that most victims of gay bashing are in fact heterosexual.

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bullet Gender: The definition of a person as male or female. It is sometimes based on their gender assignment at birth, based on the shape of their external sexual organs. Other times, it is based on the presence of X and/or Y chromosomes in each cell of the body. Sometimes it is based on the individual's own feelings which in relatively rare instances can be different from their birth-identified gender.
bullet Gender confirmation surgery: Surgery in which a person who was identified at birth as having one gender is surgically modified to look more similar to their new gender identity. This term is replacing Gender Reassignment Surgery or SRS.
bullet Gender dysphoria: See transgender
bullet Gender Expression: Various ways in which people show their gender identity (female, male, both genders, or neither gender). This takes many forms: their behavior, clothing, makeup, speech, etc.
bullet Gender Fluid: A person who identifies as being of different genders: female, male, both, neither).
bullet Gender Identity (a.k.a. core gender identity): A person's sense of themselves as a male or female, (and rarely: neither or both genders). A person whose gender identity matches their genetic gender is referred to as "cisgender." Those with a mismatch are referred to as transgender or sometimes as transsexual.
bullet Gender Identity Disorder: See transgender This is an obsolete term considered to be stigmatizing and has been replaced by "Gender Dysphoria."
bullet Gender role: Two different sets of activities, thoughts, emotions, and/or behaviors traditionally considered normal for men or women. Examples are: women do the cooking in the family; men are sexually attracted to women.
bullet Gender transition: An often lengthy process by which a transgender person changes their appearance and expressed gender to live in the gender(s) that match their current gender identity. Most often, this is the gender opposite from their birth-identified gender. 1,2
bullet Genetic sex; genetic gender: Using the presence or absence of the X and Y chromosomes to define a person as either male (typically XY chromosomes) or female (typically XX chromosomes).
bullet Giving head: See Fellatio
bullet GLBT: An acronym that stands for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender/transsexual community. Sometimes the letter I is added as a suffix to indicate intersexual. Sometimes the letter Q is added as a suffix to indicate questioning. GLBT is more frequently written as LGBT.
bullet Gonads: An organ in the body that produces gamates (a.k.a. reproductive cells) and sex hormones. In cisgender women, these are ovaries which produce human ova and estrogen. In cisgender men, these are testes (a.k.a. testicles) which produce spermatozoon and testosterone.

bullet Group marriage: A loving committed relationship involving more than two persons. It often involves a commitment ritual. Synonym: Polymarriage

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References used:

  1. "Discrimination Against transgender People In America," The International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy (ICTLEP), at: http://www.qrd.org/. See also: http://web.telecom.cz/
  2. "Harry Benjamin Syndrome," at: http://www.harrybenjaminsyndrome-info.org/

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