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A visitor essay donated by Paul Norman Shivers

"The Origin of the Universe"

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The Origin of the Universe

The universe is a vast, but finite system of energy and energy potential that exists in time and over a non-eternal period of time. From our earthly perspective, it is a thing of beauty and immeasurable power and we are awe struck by it. But, the Bible says that God created the universe from nothing and also from that which is unseen. How can this be?

It seems totally illogical that something like the universe or any type of something could be created from nothing. Something and nothing do not mix according to the principles of logic, so how can we reconcile the words of the Bible to science, logic, and the universe as it appears?

What is missing is an accurate definition of what the universe actually is. The universe is not a system of disturbances and potential disturbances in space, it is a system of disturbances and potential disturbances of space. The universe does not exist independently, but rather it is the effect of space disturbed.

Of course the next logical question is what is space. Space is not nothing. Space naturally exists in a non-particulate state of timeless neutrality, but also with the capacity to be disturbed as well as a resistance to being disturbed. Disturbance of space is best described as wave forms and takes place at the relative constant we call the speed of light. Space is a non-particulate, elastic, solid substance that has an energy holding and transfer capacity, but is itself not energy. It is that which can be energized both kinetically and potentially.

Energy and energy potential are equal to the disturbance and potential disturbance of space. Energy is a linear quantity expressed in wave forms. Energy potential is particulate and is held in three dimensional circles called spheres. The particles that make up the universe exist because space exists and the center point of a particle is actually a void in and of space. A void is considered to be nothing. Energy potential is not held in the emptiness of a void, it is held in the spherical warping of space surrounding point zero. As these potential energy particles move about in space, they create minor disturbance of space and when a particle collapses completely ceasing to exist, major disturbance of space occurs.

Potential energy particles can not persist singularly in a static state, because they would just collapse and release their energy. Persistent, stable potential energy particles exist at least as a duple, with the two particles in relative motion with themselves. Therefore, the primary descriptive integer for the universe is “2”. The integer “1” describes space itself.

Finally, the universe is God’s origami. He folded space to create it. However, the universe does not possess the eternal qualities of space itself and was not intended to persist forever. Energy has no properties in and of itself. The laws that govern the behavior of the universe are held in the nature of the substance of space.

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