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Recommended books about spirituality

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Some websites supplying free books on spirituality:

  • Buddhanet is a service of the Buddha Dharma Education Association. They operate an eLibrary, make audio recordings available, operate an eStore, etc.

  • provides lists of spiritual books that you can download for free! They suggest that you:

    "Use the menu to explore websites with free books, dig into the materials of your favorite teachers, or browse high-end copies of famous spiritual books. Rather than a single library Free Spiritual Books is a portal guiding you to the best libraries and books available for free on the web."

  • Open Library, a service of the Internet Archive, has as its goal "One web page for every book ever published." They currently have over 20 million books described, including many of a spiritual nature. You can browse by subject, by author or by lists that members have created. They also operate an online library that allows you to borrow eBooks.

  • Project Gutenberg, a service of Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation (PGLAF) "offers over 40,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub [and] ... kindle books. Many are on spritual topics.

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Some websites supplying daily Emails that list free or low cost Kindle eBooks:

  • Inspired Reads emails subscribers daily with "Christian books on a budget"

  • Pixel of Ink provides daily emails listing mostly free Kindle eBooks, of which some are spiritual in nature.

  • Ereader News Today sends daily emails with "tips, tricks and [lists of] bargain books for your Kindle."

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Some spiritual books that we recommend:

  • George Crumpler, "David: The untold story," PublishAmerica, (2004). More than a biography of the Hebrew King David, this book covers the period from just before the death of Eli through the ascension of Solomon to the throne, a period of about eighty years. The author ....goes beyond a mere retelling of the events and takes the reader inside the mind and psyche of the characters of this epoch of biblical history. Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store.

  • Bernhard Haring, et al., "Tolerance: Towards an ethic of solidarity and peace," Alba House, (1995) Read reviews or order this book.

  • Nancy O'Meara, "Tolerance 101: Practical solutions for interfaith family problems." Foundation for Religious Freedom, (1999). An reviewer writes: " 'Tolerance 101' should be prominently displayed in every library, church, temple, mosque etc. in the country. This book provides a valuable service to people of all religious persuasions."  Read reviews or order this book.
  • Philip Zaleski, "The best spiritual writing 1999," Harper San Francisco, (1999). "...a significant addition to the spiritual literature of our time." Read reviews or order this book.

  • Patricia Aburdene, "Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism," Hampton Roads, (2005). Aburdene suggests that the next big change in American business will not be another technological advance. It will be the advance of the human spirit into everyday commerce.'s reviewer writes:

    "....more and more companies are discovering that placing social and environmental values ahead of the bottom line is actually helping to boost profits....Aburdene investigates 'corporate social responsibility' and identifies seven new megatrends that will redefine business in the coming years." Read reviews or order this book

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Author: B.A. Robinson

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