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This web site's statistical data for 2007

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Year 2007: Data by four week increments are:

Date Total Hits % Annual
Page Views % Annual
Distinct Visitors % Annual Increase Total number of essays
JAN-27 28,833,988 -14% 3,489,443 -5% 1,341,677 -15% 3,629
FEB-24 32,025,436 -10 3,752,072 -5 1,480,156 -19 3,653
MAR-24 32,646,144 -19 3,858,455 -8 1,593,962 -16 3,685
APR-21 32,856,457 -20 4,136,876 -5 1,667,017 -11 3,721
MAY-19 29,999,141 -18 3,956,357 +1 1,549,736 -7 3,754
JUN-16 22,191,421 +5 3,143,509 +13 1,168,648 -5 3,797
JUL-14 19,043,013 -9 2,794,391 +1 1,014,232 +2 3,836
AUG-11 17,959,539 -14 2,670,707 +5 931,913 -6 3,880
SEP-08 21,049,249 -7 3,295,610 +20 1,044,203 -1 3,890
OCT-06 32,013,303 -2 4,999,991 +33 1,506,404 +1 4,017
NOV-03 35,445,655 -13 5,722,343 +25 1,686,662 -12 4,052
DEC-01 37,238,431 -9 6,551,690 +42 1,726,278 -14 4,165
DEC-29 28,364,092 -11 5,700,121 +50 1,509,765 +2 4,187

Traffic to our web site fluctuates significantly through the year. In past years, traffic data gradually increased during the first four months of the year, reaching a peak in late April. It then started to decline. We call this the "summer slump" and attribute it to students finishing their academic year, and people generally leaving their computers and enjoying the holiday period. As in past years, traffic started to rise again in mid-August. Numbers take a nosedive in mid-December.

* Numbers in bold are the maximum values during the year.

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In the above table:

bulletDate: This is the date at the end of the 28 day interval measured.
bulletTotal hits: The numbers of files downloaded from our site by visitors during the 28 days. These included text files, background files, button files, etc. These data are not particularly significant because they are influenced by the web design. They are often emphasized by webmasters, because they are the largest common measurement of web site traffic.
bullet% Increase: The percentage increase over the corresponding 28 day period in the previous year, for the preceding column.
bulletNumber of page views: The total number of times that pages were viewed by visitors during the preceding 28 days. This includes our home page, menus and essays.
bulletNumber of distinct visitors: The number of unique visitors who accessed our web site during the preceding 28 days.
bulletTo estimate the monthly data, multiply the total hits, page views or distinct visitors by 1.09.

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Latest update: 2008-JAN-01

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