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Links to us, traffic by the hour and day, countries represented

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Links to our site from elsewhere on the Internet:

On 2000-OCT-16:

bulletAlexa reported that there are 8,893 links to our web site from other locations on the Internet. This is an increase from 4,192 links, one year earlier.

On 2002-MAR-14:

bulletAllTheWeb reported 43,270 links to our site.
bulletAltaVista reported 12,669 links.
bulletHotbot only found 3800 links.

This is not very reliable data. We suspect that the highest figure is the most accurate; it is more likely that a search engine would miss certain links than count some links twice.

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Traffic on our site:

You may be interested in where traffic come from and how it varies throughout the year, week and day. Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Texas periodically runs the Wusage program, Version 71. Our previous ISP in Pennsylvania provided us with log files and the ANALOG2 program which we ran every Monday. The data below is shown for a week in the summer of 2002. However the shape doesn't change much from week to week:

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Hour of the day (in Eastern time) vs. number of requests:

From a typical week: 2002-JUL-28 to AUG-3.

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Day of the week vs. number of requests:

From the same week: 2002-JUL-28 to AUG-3.

These data appear to be atypical of Internet usage generally. StatMarket reports that the largest daily amount of web surfing occurs on Saturday and the least amount is on Wednesday. 1 On 2000-FEB-8, they reported:

Sunday:    14.03% ++++++++++++++
Monday:    13.71% ++++++++++++++
Tuesday:   13.58% ++++++++++++++
Wednesday: 13.44% +++++++++++++
Thursday:  14.37% ++++++++++++++
Friday:    15.36% +++++++++++++++
Saturday:  15.51% ++++++++++++++++

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Domain Report:

#reqs: %reqs:  %bytes domain requesting files
------ ------- ------ -----------------------
66499: 27.73%: 26.4%: .net (Network)
59538: 24.83%: 25.8%: .com (Commercial; mainly USA)
48687: 20.30%: 20.4%: [unresolved numerical addresses]
16715:  6.97%: 6.77%: .edu (USA; Educational)
7736:   3.23%: 2.74%: .ca  (Canada)
5273:   2.20%: 2.39%: .au  (Australia)
4327:   1.80%: 1.84%: .us  (United States)
3185:   1.33%: 1.23%: .uk  (United Kingdom)
2361:   0.98%: 1.07%: .org (Non-Profit Organizations)
2145:   0.89%: 1.12%: .se  (Sweden)
1967:   0.82%: 0.74%: .mil (USA Military)
1891:   0.79%: 0.93%: .gov (USA Government)
1588:   0.66%: 0.71%: .de  (Germany)
1398:   0.58%: 0.60%: .my  (Malaysia)
1395:   0.58%: 0.60%: .sg  (Singapore)
1306:   0.54%: 0.59%: .nz  (New Zealand)
1277:   0.53%: 0.87%: .br  (Brazil)
  931:  0.39%: 0.44%: .jp  (Japan)
  791:  0.33%: 0.36%: .nl  (Netherlands)
  733:  0.31%: 0.29%: .fi  (Finland)
  724:  0.30%: 0.26%: .mx  (Mexico)
  723:  0.30%: 0.29%: .no  (Norway)
  707:  0.29%: 0.26%: .dk  (Denmark)
  695:  0.29%: 0.31%: .fr  (France)
  623:  0.26%: 0.24%: .za  (South Africa)
  598:  0.25%: 0.26%: .it  (Italy)
  378:  0.16%: 0.13%: .il  (Israel)
  292:  0.12%: 0.14%: .es  (Spain)
  291:  0.12%: 0.11%: .pl  (Poland)
  282:  0.12%: 0.11%: .ru  (Russian Federation)
  274:  0.11%: 0.10%: .ie  (Ireland)
  254:  0.11%: 0.10%: .pt  (Portugal)
  253:  0.11%: 0.09%: .at  (Austria)


   15:  0.01%: 0.01%: .py  (Paraguay)

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  1. "Saturday most popular day of week to surf the web," at: http://statmarket.com/SM?c=stat020800 

Latest update: 2002-AUG-5

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