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A tribute to her mother, sister, and Granny

by "Suzy"

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My name is Susan... Suzy to anyone who knows me. I am 56, and a have been a Wiccan from day one as my Mother & Grandmother, further back still. I used to belong to a coven. I am the last sadly. But I want to talk about my Mom & Granny.

Mom had a gift of foreseeing the future, Granny, could give people luck, as she herself was, also very giving as well as Mom. Both humanitarians, as well as myself. I have the great gift of healer, worked with terminal cancer, the elderly . Both my Mom & Granny were excellent cooks, and always fed the down & out, poor & hungry, as I do. I believe in the Creator, The One. Both Granny & Mom lived with me , so I could take care of them, as I was so lovingly cared for by both. They are now with the spirits, as well as my Sister Rebecca, she also had visions & powers, all used to the good. I just wanted to tell someone, about these 3 beautiful women, both in heart & mind. Sometimes people didn't understand us, & thought we were weird, because no one wanted a funeral. The empty shell of the person , whom has entered the spirit world, putting clothes & glasses on them & they call us archaic & strange. I miss Becky, but talk to her often .

Thank you for letting me express my self.

Love, peace & light To the world & Universe


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Originally posted: 2006-JAN-19
Latest update: 2006-JAN-19
Author: Suzy

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