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An essay donated by Susan Humphreys

Part 3 of three parts.

"The Power of WE"

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This topic is continued from the previous essay

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Part Two: Measures to counteract Entropy (Continued):

As I said, all is not lost. This doesn’t mean that our Universe will just wind down and disappear as some scientists speculate, because it has designed another counter measure to Entropy, another way to avoid it. Black Holes.

Black Holes, I think, are the Universes recycling system. All that goes in eventually comes back out, cleansed, rejuvenated and rarin’ to go!

I first started wondering what was on the other side of a black hole. If we could look at the universe from the other side what would we see? Was a black hole really a bottomless pit? Or was there something on the other end of it? I figured there must be something on the other end from my understanding of the conservation of energy, that energy is neither lost or gained in a closed system it simply changes form. If our Universe is a closed system, then the energy entering a Black Hole must eventually go somewhere.

I make the initial assumption that our system, our universe, is a closed system. Nothing coming in from the outside, so that energy is going somewhere. If there is a God, he/she/it would have to be within this system somewhere. If he/she/it was outside then he/she/it would be adding energy into our system each time he/she/it tweaked something to cause a storm or earthquake or to intervene in the affairs of man.

I imagined a black hole as an hour glass with both ends open. One end is a black hole that sucks in matter (the detritus of the Universe) and breaks it up into its fundamental parts then deep freezes them, putting them into a dormant state. This actually fits with the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics:

"The entropy of all systems and of all states of a system is zero at absolute zero."

I call these parts little A/O bits because God in the Bible claims to be the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Matter gets sucked into the black hole where it is broken apart by the pressures within the hole into it’s basic building blocks, fundamental parts. These bits get packed into that black hole and reach the narrow part of the hour glass where they get stuck, more get piled on top and they get packed in tighter and tighter, more and more on top, the weight gets heavier and heavier until one more piece of matter on top is one piece too much. This is "the straw that broke the camel’s back." The pressure forces all the stuff packed in the black hole out the other side in a Big Bang!

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Our world has many recycling systems. Termites chew up waste products -- cellulose -- and extract energy from it to power their system. Dung beetles, fungus, molds, weathering of rocks, evaporation of water, lightning that fixes nitrogen (moves it from one form into another) ... all counteract Entropy by moving energy from one form into another (in a highly ordered fashion) so it can be reused. Our Universe doesn’t go down without a fight!

In Bloom’s book he talks about there being one basic rule that "rules" all matter, an "either-or" type of choice. This is the rule that brings order -- that we can see -- out of what we outsiders see as chaos. We think of this rule as offering only two choices, A or B but that is a false dichotomy because choice B can be an open ended choice. Religious leaders and politicians often present us with false dichotomies, claiming there are only two choices A or B when in reality there may be many different choices.

The rule might be worded like this:

"Find something of your kind and join up with it if you can. If you can’t, than find something you can join up with and join up with it."

The quarks he mentions in his book burst out of the black hole, dancing joyously, delighted to be freed from their prison, and are on the prowl for a mate. That is the one command they are impelled to do. An up Quark bumps into a down Quark, and says you aren’t exactly what I was looking for but you’ll do. They join up and continue doing what they have been programmed to do. They ook for another of their kind, to add energy to their system, so they can survive, and counteract the trend towards Entropy.

Once they bump into another Quark, one will be excited that it will be exactly what it was looking for and the other will say you will do. But now they are no longer a Quark, as Bloom explains in his book, 1 plus 1 plus 1 doesn’t equal three it equals one new proton. But this proton still has the same programmed message to look for another of its kind and join up. If it can’t then find something it can join up with and join up with that and life is on its way.

I should note that the same programmed message is found with the other stuff that is blown out of the black hole in the Big Bang. Electrons start prowling for their kind but they discover they can’t join together so they have to look for option two and stumble upon that proton. They get excited; they join together; and do the tango!

All of my reading and thinking has lead me to a new philosophy of LIFE, built upon the ancients, upon all that I have learned from the pieces of TRUTH I gathered from the World’s Religions and from Science, History, Psychology, Sociology; and from watching and listening to people and television and all of my reading. It ties in perfectly with what the physics is showing me.

I call this: "The Power of WE."

All the world religions have realized that it is our Egos that get in our way and keep us from reaching our highest potential as human beings. They have simply disagreed over what we are to do about it, subjugate our Ego to that of God; subjugate it to one of his representatives on earth; annihilate the Ego altogether...?

I think that we need to learn how to control our Ego rather than letting our Ego, or other men’s Egos control us. We humans can learn to do this when we learn how to turn our ME upside down to find WE. I symbolize it like this.

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All the world’s religions have been pointing to this TRUTH. Most just got sidetracked along the way in the fights over wealth and political power; over doctrines and dogmas, and interpretation of the stories; with their worries about salvation and who would or would not be saved; and their insistence that they alone were in possession of the one the only TRUTH. Science, biology, ecology, my garden and the woods I walk in, my dogs and cats, history, psychology, sociology and physics is pointing this way.

Alone we aren’t much but together we are everything, The Power of WE.

On page 318 of Bloom’s book this idea is reinforced with a quote from George Henry Lewes, writing about Goethe’s spirit of Faust:

"Some of us, he said, refuse to think about the future and work only for today’s pleasures. We work for ourselves and not for others. And that damns us. Only those who set aside immediate gratification and work on behalf of our fellow humans are blessed."

Bloom goes on to say:

"The solution of the Faust problem is embodied in his dying speech: the toiling soul, after trying in various directions of individual effort and individual gratification, and finding therein no peace, is finally conducted to the recognition of the vital truth that man lives for man, and that only in as far as he is working for humanity, can his efforts bring permanent happiness."

Wisdom from an old master that reinforces my point.

We could accomplish a lot, if we would all do just a little in our hometowns or neighborhoods, together. We woold help make this world a better place for all of us. People would accomplish a lot if they stopped waiting for, and expecting, our governments (local, state and federal) to solve their problems. We could join forces with others, and do something constructive and positive, rather than just complaining, making demands, marching, shouting slogans, etc.

Alone, those little quarks weren’t much, but when they joined together just look at what happened!

One Warning: a reminder of the Yin and Yang of life. A potential source for good can also become, in the hands of some, a source of not so good or down right Evil. The Power of WE, the power of the collective can degenerate into tribalism, membership, freedoms and privileges limited to those that are of your kind. Karl Popper warns of this in his book "The Open Society and Its Enemies." 1

Tribalism creates two problems:

  • The first creates the "Us versus Them" (all of those that aren’t like us) atmosphere/mentality. That leads to the persecution of those others. At the extreme, this can degenerate into unholy holy wars.

  • A second problem develops that places the group EGO and power over that of individual Egos. The care and maintenance of the institution/the collective/the nation/the Church (and of those at the top that are the leaders) becomes more important than the care of all its members.

Both of these events lead to Entropy. In the first case where tribalism leads to the persecution of outsiders, potential energy sources that could replenish the energy of the system are kept out of the system and energy is wasted on useless, destructive wars.

In the second case the neglect of the care of the component parts of a system, leads to the decline of the component parts, which leads to the decline of the system and its eventual inability to do its work.

Wherever we look, the trend towards Entropy is at work. There are things we can do to counteract the trend. We can choose to use The Power of WE (and the other Understandings) as a good, positive, constructive force for the benefit of all of us. We can choose to avoid using the force in a destructive manner for the benefit of the few at the expense of the rest.

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Reference used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. book cover Karl Popper, "The Open Society and Its Enemies," Princeton University Press, (2013). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. Available in Kindle Format for U.S. $29.91, Paperback for $31.48 plus postage, as of early 2016. This is a large book with 808 pages. It was given a rating of 5 stars (the maximum) by 12 Amazon reviewers, and one 4 star rating.

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Original posting: 2016-MAR-18
Latest update : 2016-MAR-18
Author: Susan Humpreys

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