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An essay donated by Chuck Thompson

Abortion equals assassination

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Webmaster's note:

Chuck Thompson, author of "What Should You Do Before The Tribulation Age Of 42" has donated the following essay. As shown in his first sentence below, it is based on the belief that human life, in the form of an ovum and spermatozoon becomes a human person during the process of conception. This is the most common belief among pro-lifers, and is promoted by the Roman Catholic Church, most fundamentalist and other evangelical denominations, and most other religiouslu conservative groups. From this belief logically flows the conclusion that every abortion is a murder.

Many pro-choicers believe that the transition to personhood ocurrs later in pregnancy or at birth. From this belief logically flows the conclusions that a woman should be allowed to choose to terminate a pregnancy and not be forced to give birth. Pro-choicers will probably find this essay lacking in merit and perhaps offensive.

This conflict about the timing of personhood is the foundational cause of the abortion wars that have been going on in the U.S. and elswhere for many decades.

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Murdering a life as he or she is growing up into babyhood, is the same as murdering a life as he or she is growing up into adulthood. Either way the process of growth is killed, flushed outâ€"or shall I say in many horrific cases of abortionâ€"sucked out.

At this trimester point within this book, we must stop and reflect. Outside forces from around the world have been selfishly busy. At the end of this very day, globally, over a hundred thousand lives have been cut short. These lives have been secretly silenced without any acknowledgement or recognition. Not a single international flag was lowered. No fanfare at all was given.

A biblical reference is given concerning these special lives cut short. Verse 4 ―For he cometh in with vanity, and departeth in darkness, and his name shall be covered with darkness.‖ Ecclesiastes 6:4; King James Version. This scripture is referring to a stillborn child, a baby whose name is shrouded in darkness; but at least, this life was not cut short like the over one hundred thousand lives purposely silenced day after day.

Currently, annual abortion statistics are 46,000,000 lives every year. This represents 126,000 lives per day. This hideous number approximates, in many places in America, an entire city of human life, se-lectively stamped-out every single day.

Note: Understand, from page 1 of this book to page 126 represents one thousand lives lost every time you turn each single page. This tragic number gives, by the wicked hand of the global community, a grand total of 126,000 babies grievously taken away every 24-hours.

We have now come to an abrupt end with a killer con-clusion. Perhaps, we should be politically correct by terming it a premature abortion of these pagesâ€"or how about, selective termination? If we use the words: personalized-selective exter-mination, this unfortunately may be offensive to some. But truly, regarding abortion -- terminating a life-- isn‘t that ex-actly what is taking place today? One hundred and twenty-six thousand times every day!

This estimate may just be part and parcel of the global iceberg not fully visible, yet to be revealed. Keep in mind the enormous estimates which are agreed upon internationally. Now place those daily statistics with the unknown, unethical, incomprehensible true figures.

Extermination should be the only term used when ending a life if not, at least the first word of choice. I use the word choice since millions love this word so much. Using this book as a basic analogy of premature termination, the subject matters herein have been cut short. The pages of this book were growing and thriving in newness of lifeâ€"as in what happens regarding abortion of a baby, before it comes forth from the womb; suddenly, from foreign outside forces (medical abortion procedures), an extermination has taken place.

Unnaturally, life has been snatched away, selfishly silenced in a word: -- Assassinated.

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A book by Chuch Thompson titled "What Should You Do Before The Tribulation Age Of 42" in his "Chariots and Horseman Series can be downloaded from

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