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The Three Primal Processes, and
how they work in the Universe:

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One of the major purposes of religion has been to offer an explanation of how the world and the rest of the Universe work: how the primal processes at work in the universe operate -- and what people need to do to appease these processes.

I am an Atheist and I have an explanation of the Three Primal Processes at work in our world. This understanding is very different from those taught by various religions. I offer it here to help religious folk gain a better understanding of Atheists' beliefs, and how we view the world. Instead of telling you what to do to appease these processes, I offer you three choices and leave it up to you to decide how best to deal with them.

There are three processes at work in the one universe. I hope that religious persons will consider how this understanding is:

  • Similar in some ways to theirs. Most Christians believe in a Trinity -- three persons in one God.

  • Different from theirs, Atheists are not aware of anything that is supernatural or supra natural.

I don’t list these three processes in order of importance, they are all equally important. Also, I don’t list them in order of what came first. I think they all developed together, at the same time. These Three Primal Processes are also called principles; in Science, they are called Laws. They are explanations of how things work. They don’t control how things work, they just explain the principles and processes that exist.

  • The first primal process  that I will mention is defined in Physics as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, also called the Law about Entropy. Most simply put, this says that there is a tendency in all systems for entropy to increase. Entropy is the loss of ability of a system or part of a system to do the work it is designed to do. That is, things tend to wind down.

  • The second primal process is called Existence or Life. Existence/Life does its best to fight, or put off as long as possible the first primal process Entropy. Here I am using Life in a very broad sense referring to operating systems (such as weather systems, water cycles, and social/business systems) as well as plants, animals and people.

Some Eastern Religions/Philosophies have understood the world as a Living System. So I am not inventing an idea out of nothing! I am extending this metaphysical insight to social and business (man made) systems. For example, a manufacturing plant or any other business is a living system composed of  animate matter (humans, plants, animals) and inanimate matter (buildings, machinery, equipment). It (generally) wants to continue to exist -- to stay in business. To do so, it must fight Entropy by constantly adapting to Change, which is the third primal process.

One example of a system that has succumbed to the siren call of Entropy is scattered all throughout Illinois and also throughout every state in the Union. These are the thousands of crumbling, dying small towns. The towns were developed and grew in response to the principle of Existence/Life applied to social systems. They reached their peak and for a variety of reasons have been declining ever since, succumbing to that siren call of Entropy.

  • The third primal process at work in our world isn’t described by any of the Laws of Thermodynamics though it is at work in those laws. I don’t know of any formal explanation of this primal process in Biology though it is at work there as well.

This process is called Change. Basically this states that Change is the ONLY constant. It is the only thing we can count on in this universe. Nothing ever stays the same. Change is the way that Existence/Life fights Entropy. Change is also the way Existence/Life succumbs to Entropy. Change is the process that drove the development of living matter from non-living matter and that drives evolution of all living species.

These three Primal processes are at work everywhere we look -- in small businesses and large corporations, small town halls, and the halls of Congress, in families and nations, in biological systems, and in the operations of our planet.

What does this mean for people and our social systems—small towns, cities, states, nations, businesses, corporations and families?

People can rant and rave about how they don’t like change, as many are doing right now. However, change will happen one way or another. We have three choices.

  1. We can work to make change work for us and put off the effects of Entropy as long as possible, or

  2. We can do nothing and allow change to work against us. The effects of Entropy will take hold and reach a point of irreversibility, or

  3. We can work in ways that actually increase the movement towards Entropy.  

The choices are ours to make.

The Theory of Evolution teaches us that survival favors those organisms and systems that are best able to adapt to change in positive, existence/life affirming ways

After I wrote this, I began to think that Change is the main Primal process at work in our Universe. The urge to change led to the Big Bang. Which led to those sub-atomic particles joining together to create atoms and those atoms to join together to create the elements of that Table of The Elements we learned about in High School. Change also led those elements to join together to form matter -- all the stuff our universe is made of.

But then all of this was done to fight Entropy -- the initial state of all matter at the the time of the Big Bang from which our Universe emerged -- and to which all matter will one day return when it succumbs to the siren call of Entropy to rest and sleep. Then, there will be absolute cold; no motion. Energy particles will be held dormant, perhaps waiting to burst forth in another Big Bang, to be released and create another round of  EXISTENCE/LIFE.

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Original posting: 2018-NOV-18
Latest update: 2018-DEC-05
Author: Contributing Editor Susan Humphreys

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