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Events of the Month


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Events during 2001-APR:

bulletAPR-4: Muslims observe the fast of 'Ashura. It recalls an event circa 680-OCT-20 CE in Iraq when an army of the Umayyad regime martyred a group of 70 individuals who refused to submit to the Caliph. One of the martyrs was Imam Husain, the youngest grandson of Prophet Muhammad. 
bulletAPR-6: Mormons celebrate the founding of their church on this day.
bulletAPR-6: Jains observe is the Birthday of Mahavira Mahavira, the religious seer of the 6th century BCE, whose teachings formed the foundation of the Jain religion. 
bulletAPR-7 to 15: Jews celebrate Pesach (Passover), the festival of unleavened bread. Pesach recalls the night when God ordered the murder of the first born of every human and animal in ancient Egypt. The angels passed over those Jewish homes in which a lamb had been slaughtered, and its blood spread over their doorways.
bulletAPR-8: Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, in memory of the entrance of Jesus of Nazareth into Jerusalem circa 30 CE. It is the beginning of Holy Week, which includes Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
bulletAPR-8: Buddhists celebrate Buddha Day, the anniversary of the birth of Siddhartha Gautama on 563-APR-8, BCE. He was born in Lumbini Garden in present-day Nepal, and founded the Buddhist religion as an adult.
bulletAPR-13: Jews recall the Shoah (Nazi Holocaust) on this day. It is called Yom ha-Shoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day.
bulletAPR-13:Sikhs ccelebrate the anniversary of the date in 1699 CE when Guru Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa brotherhood. It is a time of both celebration and worship. Their calendar year begins on this date; the date is often followed by the letters KE.
bulletAPR-15: This is Easter Sunday, recalling the day circa 30 CE in which Jesus of Nazareth is believed by Christians to have been resurrected from the dead. The holy day is celebrated together this year by Eastern Orthodox churches, the Roman Catholic church and Protestant churches. In most years, Eastern Orthodoxy celebrates Easter later than the Western churches.
bulletAPR-21: Members of the Bahá'í World Faith celebrate Ridvan (a.k.a. the Most Great Festival and King of Festivals). It is a twelve day celebration which recalls the day on 1863-APR-21 CE when Baha'u'llah declared that he was the prophet predicted by the Bab. It is day on which Bahá'í communities elect their Local Spiritual Assembly.
bulletAPR-30: Orthodox Christians celebrate St. James the Great day. Tradition records that he was the first of the Apostles to be martyred.
bulletHoly days and festivals to come early in the month of May:
bulletMAY-1: Wiccans celebrate Beltane, one of their four major Sabbats.

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Copyright © 2001 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2001-MAR-26
Compiled by B.A. Robinson

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