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An essay donated by Arthur Trafford

There were no denominations
in 1st Century Christianity

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People of faith were first called Christians in the city of Antioch.¬ No 1st Century Christians embraced any ecclesiastical faith that reflected an intense or passionate desire to promote any human¬ church traditions.¬ It is a matter of fact that God has never¬ established, promoted or financed¬ any "Traditions of men" (or women) who promote denominational-ism.¬ For they all teach different dogma; and they infer that God teaches each sect of Christianity a different or altered message which is ludicrous, absurd and demonic. ¬ ¬ We profess to have a relationship with and a commitment¬ to our Creator God and our Christian unity in the bond of peace is broken when we proclaim denominational truth as being equal to or the same as "Gods Truth".
In the first Century followers of the Christian faith came together and were referred to as the Church of Antioch, the Church of Ephesus, and the Church of Philadelphia etc.¬ In modern times, this would be similar to saying the Church of Denver, the Church of Dallas and the Church of Chicago etc.¬ There was no First Baptist Church of Antioch,¬ no Saint Mary's Catholic Church of Ephesus and no First Methodist Church of Philadelphia.
Incidentally, there are Christians in every denominational church (not just the seven churches of Revelation) who have forsaken their first love, are suffering persecution, need to repent, have a false prophetess, have fallen asleep, is enduring patiently or who is lukewarm!!!¬ All because the traditions of men have been woven into the tapestry of God‚€™s Word.¬ Denominations were invented to establish or correct doctrinal errors in the Christian faith.¬ The Protestant Reformation is proof that¬ Christians changed what Jesus and His Apostles taught; otherwise there would be no reformation if every teaching in the church was in harmony with Gods revealed truth in the 1st Century.¬ ¬ ¬
No, I am not suggesting that we can do away with denominations, but Christians throughout history have chosen to go to¬ what I call¬ a Heavenly¬ "Spiritual salad bar"¬ so that they can pick and choose what is "Right in his own eyes" to believe about God, Satan and self.¬ If there was only ‚€œOne‚€ denomination of Christian thought; then we would have a better idea of ‚€œWhat is Truth‚€; but human logic has aborted the Truth of God and replaced it with the ‚€œTraditions of men‚€.
Christians and non-Christians feel very insecure¬ and don't like to confess that they are mostly guessing about "What is Truth".¬ Our scriptures tell us that we now "See in a mirror dimly" but we piously proclaim that we know¬ God started¬ all church denominations (or at least ours L.O.L.)¬ ¬ ¬ Christians look pretty foolish and naive when we observe 100's of Christian denominations¬ that have the audacity to infer that¬ God is the author of all¬ their Christian¬ theology¬ or self -righteousness.
The best way for Christian leaders to spread or sow discord among the brethren is to mix¬ and pour Biblical¬ Truth¬ in with man‚€™s wisdom¬ and you have¬ spiritual concrete¬ that weakens Gods Word because you now have truth, half-truth and lies all solidified¬ together; so that you no¬ longer can distinguish "What is Truth".¬ Christians have sought every imaginable way to promote, and protect their Christian dogma, and also¬ prevent or hinder any other Christian denomination from being perceived as embracing more truth than they possess.
God destroyed the Tower of Babel with its astrological Zodiac signs of man‚€™s wisdom that fought against Gods wisdom and assigned a new-language to whole families.¬ And these families went around searching for others who also can understand their new language; in the same way¬ a person will read an instructional manual with 7 languages listed and keep reading until they see words that don't look like alphabet soup to them.¬ My God is loving and not cruel, for¬ He wouldn't give a mom and dad one language¬ and their children another; for that would destroy the family unit.
God perceived that¬ the deeds of the flesh "immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissension, factions, envying,¬ drunkenness, carousing" etc. would transmit these spiritual diseases more quickly if everyone spoke the same language.¬ For instance,¬ since I only know English, then I cannot tempt a Chinese person in the Mandarin language to sin against God or another human being; I would have to find a bi-lingual person to¬ tempt¬ that Chinese person.¬
God saw fit to¬ bring diversity to human language in order to¬ protect us from destroying ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically at a more rapid pace.¬ ¬ He never intended His Word for us in every language to reflect that the Creator God is the author of confusion; for we seem to be united in Christ and divided in¬ doctrine.¬
Do you realize that if God had of commissioned the Old and New Testament saints to transcribe the Christian Bible in the future 21st Century language of English; and¬ these scrolls were just found in 2012 A.D., there would only be one Bible for all English speaking individuals on the planet.¬ All our New Testament was written in the 1st Century and about 14 centuries later in the Council of Trent (1546) and about 6 other groups would later gather to guess at what books should be¬ Canonized in the Christian Bible.¬ After the Apostles and their children are all dead,¬ therefore, there will be less awareness of what¬ changes were¬ deleted, added or changed in our Christian Bible.¬
Throughout Christendom people of faith and non-believers alike, have sought to blend human carnal piety with their own¬ idea of what the truth of God is.¬ Everyone wants their church denomination¬ to replace all other Christian viewpoints.¬ For they think that God¬ is a Catholic or Protestant.¬ But there will be no Catholics, Baptist, Methodist or Mormons etc. in heaven; just those who know and serve the one true God.

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There have been billions of Bibles printed these last 500 years, and neither Satan nor humans could destroy all of these copies of our Christian Bible.¬ But in the 4th Century only¬ religious Christian leaders, their scribes and wealthy educated individuals could have individual access to a Christian Bible.¬ Most people didn't know how to read; and the pious (self-righteous) church leaders were the only¬ individuals who were worthy or spiritually¬ smart enough to read and understand Gods Word L.O.L.¬
Some of the ex-pagans who became church leaders¬ a few hundred years after the Apostles are¬ all dead; would have access to all copies of God‚€™s Word, and find it very easy to hire scribes to make sure that the virgin birth and other doctrines that were¬ taught to the pagans 100's of years before the birth of Jesus be added to the¬ Christian Bible (for even Greek philosophers saw a need for the virgin birth; if Jesus in their opinion is to remain perfect).¬
In Christendom, the first churches¬ met in homes for worship and Bible study.¬ Long before¬ churches became corporations with a¬ ¬ 501 (c) (3) Internal Revenue tax code status, the early church had already become¬ corrupt when¬ most church leaders embraced ideology¬ that blended greed¬ ("Show me the money") with political¬ power¬ that drove¬ self-righteous¬ clergy (Catholics and Protestants) down the road to opulence or self-abasement and poverty.¬ ¬
The corporate church denominations will try to motivate carnal Christians to repent of their sins and stop¬ their sinful acts of omission or commission.¬ But the church leadership has a vested interest¬ in maintaining the status-quo for their denomination.¬ They will be rewarded financially and praise academically as a "Spiritual leader" if they continue to promote their church doctrine and teach their articles of faith; but if¬ the Spirit of God should want to change any churches belief system or practices, their priest, preacher or church worker will receive the "Wrath of man or woman".¬ The vengeance of other church leaders and the congregation will be relentless, oppressive,¬ with severe and persistent persecution; until they destroy your vocation and reputation in the community.
Here is an example of a¬ major change in Christianity¬ that started in the 4th Century (Sunday worship) and didn't get corrected during the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century.¬ Jew and gentile Christians in the 4th Century couldn't go to the synagogue or Temple and¬ say that Jesus is Lord, Jesus is risen from the dead or that Jesus is the Messiah.¬ If a respect¬ prominent Jewish leader became a Christian and he¬ was preaching Jesus in the Temple he would be gently rebuked in private and warned that his life will be in danger of stoning if he persists in his blasphemy.¬
All Christian in the 4th Century¬ were frustrated that they couldn't speak freely during a Sabbath Day worship service¬ and worship their Messiah Jesus openly.¬ So a Roman church leader passed a decree that all¬ Christians will now worship on the first day of the week Sunday (let‚€™s call it resurrection Sunday).¬ So for the next 1,000 years these Jewish and Gentile Christians essentially¬ deleted the 4th Commandment¬ and informed God that the Christians only need to embrace or believe in 9 Commandments.¬ The Protestant¬ Reformation made some changes with church doctrine¬ so that church leaders could experience marriage sex and children; but¬ no Christian missed the 4th Commandment or going to the synagogue or Temple on the Sabbath Day of rest.
On the¬ first Sabbath Day¬ you only have Adam and Eve in attendance of Saturday in the presence of God.¬ This is the day of the week (Saturday) that¬ God chose to rest on¬ and this is not the starting of a Jewish tradition.¬ ¬ God creates Christians and Christians start churches; but denominations for the most part promotes discord among the brethren, and makes Christians look egocentric, egotistical and¬ causes them¬ to sin.¬ ¬ ¬ We should avoid¬ legalism that promotes strife in the Church.
May we exhibit love from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith; for we are the¬ body of Christ.¬ For God has given us:¬ A mind, to know Him personally; a will, to serve Him; emotions, to express the joy of our salvation; a body, to contain His Spirit; and loved ones,¬ friends, and even strangers, to love and forgive.

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Originally podsted: 2012-AUG-06
Latest update: 2012-AUG-06
Author: Arthur Trafford

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