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The Christian church with no name, (aka. "Two by Twos")

Part 4 of 4

Three books by former 2x2 church
members. More information sources:

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This topic is continued from the previous essay

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Three books about the Two by Two group, written by former members:

book cover Elizabeth Joy Coleman, "Cult to Christ: The Church With No Name and the Legacy of the Living Witness Doctrine," Adeline Press (2015). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. It is available in Kindle format for $7.52 and in paperback at $14.99, plus postage. review:

Elizabeth was born and raised in a nameless and secretive worldwide cult that claims exclusive origin from the New Testament apostolic ministry and blatantly describes all other churches as 'false'. A fourth generation member, she professed faith at the age of sixteen and fully intended to remain there, even when she discovered that the system she believed in was based on a lie. A love story both human and divine, a journey from spiritual bondage to freedom in Christ; this confronting and deeply personal account gives an inside perspective into the mindset of cult members, and reveals the fear and trauma associated with being forced to investigate your own beliefs even if it could mean destroying the very foundations of everything you believe. reviewers gave the book a 4.8 star out of 5 rating.

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book cover Kathleen Lewis, "The Church without a Name,"Global Publishing; 3rd edition (2004). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. It is available in paperback at $9.99, plus postage. review:

This secretive group has been called by various names over the years: The Two-by-Twos, White Mice, Black Stockings, Pilgrims, The Meeting, The Workers, The Truth, the Secret Sect, Die Namenlosen, Les Anonymes and many others. But they claim no name of their own. Outside of the group, little has been known of the ways and the diverse belief found among believers in this homespun religion. Here is a book that exposes the origins and the unwritten traditions of the Two-by-Twos. The purpose of this book is to summarize the teachings of this religious group in order to encourage people to draw nearer to and obey God. It is an attempt to bring to light what the workers have tried to hide from the public for over a century. These are doctrines and behaviors that have been observed and learned by an ex-member whose family has been part of the group for five generations, since the founding of the religion in the late 1890s. reviewers gave the book a 3.8 star out of 5 rating.

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book cover Jon E. Quick, "Odyssey of a Soul in Bondage: The story of one man's journey out of the spiritual prison of psychological and emotional bondage." Research & Information Services, Inc. (2008). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. It is available ionly n paperback at $14.99, plus postage. review:

"A horrific act of violence captures the headlines. Yet, for those who bother to reflect on what little information which can be gleaned from a short article, a basic question often arises: "Why?" Behind the simplistic and abbreviated story offered by the media are multiple threads which, step-by-step led to the headline. In Odyssey of a Soul in Bondage, the author explores the events and decisions which led to one such incident. This narrative does not attempt to excuse or defend what is an indefensible crime, but is rather a personal search to answer how and why." reviewers gave the book a 3.8 star out of 5 rating.

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Additional books and other information sources:

Many of the following books are probably out of print at this time, and may be difficult to obtain.

  • D. Parker and Helen Parker, "The Secret Sect," MacArthur Press, Sydney, Australia (1982)

  • K.W.Crow, "The Invisible Church," Masters thesis, University of Oregon, (1964) Eugene OR

  • W.E. Paul, "They Go About 'Two by Two: The History and Doctrine of a Little Known Cult," Impact Publications, Denver CO (1977)

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  • "Hymns Old and New," R. L. Allan & Son, England, (1987).

  • J.G. Melton, "The Encyclopedia of American Religions, Vol. 2," Triumph Books, Tarrytown, NY, (1991), Pages 125-127.

  • D. Chapman, "Reflections - The Workers, the Gospel and the Nameless House Sect," Research & Information Services, Bend, OR, (1994) Parts of this book are availalbe online at:

  • J. F. Daniel, "Reflected Truth-Former Workers and Followers Unmask Life in a Large, Little-known Sect," Research & Information Services, Bend, OR, (1996)

  • Lynn Cooper, "The Church With No Name - Known as The Cooneyites, Two by Twos,"  (1996). Online at:
  • K.Daniel, "Reinventing the Truth," 1994 Research & Information Services, Bend, OR. (1994)

  • L. Fortt, "A Search for the Truth," Research & Information Services, Bend, OR (1994)

  • C. Woster, "The No-Name Fellowship," Great Joy Publications, Carryduff, N Ireland (1988)

  • Kathie Anderson, "Church Without Name Meets Again in Secrecy," article in the Bellingham Herald, 1983-AUG-20.

  • Russell Chandler, "Nameless sect travels secret path." article in the Los Angeles Times, 1983-SEP-13.

  • Anon, "The Professing People," at:

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Latest update: 2015-NOV-17
Author: B.A. Robinson

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