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bullet "[Religion] as George Carey so dramatically put it in 1998, is 'bleeding to death.' Although many Britons would claim to be 'C of E', it seems the allegiance stretches only as far as 'hatches, matches and dispatches'--being baptized, married and buried in Anglican ceremonies." Brian Draper, in an book review. 10

bullet "...people questioned about how much they go to church, give figures which, if true, would add up to twice those given by the churches." Monica Furlong 10

bullet "Organized religion is in near-terminal decline in Britain..." Matt Barnwell & Amy Iggulden, of the News.Telegraph. 12

bullet "...the British are now a largely irreligious people. Only a minority believe that God exists and almost everyone acknowledges that Britain is becoming an increasingly secular society." Anthony King, The Telegraph. 14

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The UK is following the religious trends of the rest of Europe: Christianity is in free-fall. The culture is rapidly becoming more secular. As of 2007, total attendance at Roman Catholic Sunday mass exceeded attendance at Sunday services at Church of England. In the words of the Telegraph newspaper: "Britain has become a 'Catholic Country'." If current trends continue, the UK will become a majority Muslim country by 2050.

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Topics covered in this section:

UK religious data showing a gradual slide from anherence to Christianity into secularism and a bit of anti-religious bias:

bullet From 1992 to 2001
bullet From 2002 to 2005

bullet From 2006 unil 2015

bullet From 2016 unil now

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