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An article donated by
Contributing Editor Susan Humphreys:

Unforeseen Consequences.

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An article on the Religion News Service website stated that Evangelical Leaders are sticking by Trump as the impeachment process moves ahead. 1 Actually there have been several articles in the past months, both about the unwavering support by his base as well as by Evangelical leaders. 2

I hope and I suspect that they are beginning to realize they have put themselves into a no-win situation. This is another reason why the idea of “separation of church and state” is such a wise one!

Many of these leaders made the claim during the last election that Trump was God’s chosen one and it was every good Christians duty to “hold their nose” (ignore all of Trumps moral failings and bad behavior) because a vote for Trump was in essence a vote for God! One is making that claim again.

They didn’t use those exact words but I think that was the essence of their message!

As the impeachment process progresses each day more and more “dirt” (wrong doing) is exposed. These Evangelical Leaders are finding themselves facing six uncomfortable choices:

1. Having to continue to support the president as the evidence mounts against him because the other options are unthinkable. This throws doubt on any claims they make to moral superiority or even to being a guide or legitimate judge on moral or civil behavior of anyone. This whole situation even makes God and the Bible irrelevant as a guide to right, moral or civil behavior.

2. IF impeachment succeeds, having to admit that their initial claim was wrong, Trump wasn’t God’s chosen one and God is now working behind the scenes to correct this terrible situation. This throws their legitimacy as being God’s representatives into question (and of all claims they have ever made about God) and the legitimacy of everything Trump has done--to undermine abortion rights, to place Conservative Justices on the Supreme and lower courts, to support White Nationalism to name a few…..into question.

3. IF impeachment succeeds, having to admit that the Devil is stronger than God and the Devil is winning the battle, which could lead to widespread violence—i.e. unholy holy war.

4. IF impeachment succeeds, admitting that God doesn’t exist or that God has chosen NOT to interfere in the affairs of men. This throws doubts on all other claims they have made about God helping believers in their time of need -- rapturing them during the coming apocalypse, for example. 

6. IF impeachment fails in the Senate, in spite of all the evidence exposed to the public, and in spite of all the indictments of secondary players, they will be faced with having to continue to support President Trump, no matter what else he does, and they will end up owning a part in all the harm that he brings down upon our country AND owning a part in the further harm caused to Evangelical Christianity and Christianity in general!

As I mentioned at the top this is why the idea of “separation of church and state” is such a wise one. Betting on the wrong horse can lead to unforeseen consequences! 

I don’t see any way they can get out of this mess they have created for themselves without undermining their own credibility and all that they claim to stand for!

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Reference used:

The following information source was used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlink is not necessarily still active today.

  1. Elana Schor, "Religious right sticks by Trump as political heat rises," Religion News, 2019-OCT-11, at:
  2. Matthew Chapman,  " 'Eye-watering hypocrisy’: Internet explodes after evangelical leader commands Christians to ‘render to God and Trump’," AlterNet, 2019-OCT-09, at:

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Author: Contributing Editor Susan Humphyreys
Originally posted on: 2019-OCT-22

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