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Christian-Wiccan (or other) conflicts


Religious conflicts within a family

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Inter-religious conflict in families:

We occasionally receive Emails from people experiencing inter-religious conflict within their family. Most often this is a youth or young adult who feels drawn to Wicca and is perhaps practicing rituals as a solitary practitioner or with others in a coven. Sometimes the situation involves a youth or young adult raised in the Christian faith who has started tp date a Wiccan. The conflict most frequently arises between the young person and her/his devout Christian parent(s).

Although this section deals with conflicts in which Christians reject Wiccans, most of it is applicable to any inter-religious clash, or to intra-religious disputes between different denominations or traditions within a single religion.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet The basic cause of the conflict: How one views other faith groups and religions.

bullet Impediment 1: Two excerpts from Paul's epistles.

bullet Impediment 2: Exodus 22:18 & similar "anti-witchcraft" passages.

bullet Impediment 3: Beliefs about salvation.

bullet Impediment 4: Beliefs about Satan and Satanism.

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Originally written: 2008-NOV-17
Latest update: 2008-NOV-19
Author: B.A. Robinson

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