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References to Wicca and Wiccans in
books, media, etc. during the '80s & '90s

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About this collection of quotations:

They are mainly of historical value.

Most date from the 1980s and 1990s, when misconceptions about Wicca abounded. At the time:

bullet Many people, if they had heard of Wicca, believed that Satanism and Wicca/Witchcraft were related,
bullet The belief that Satanists -- and perhaps Wiccans -- engaged in Satanic Ritual Abuse of children was widely held starting in 1980 and only started to fade after fifteen years of a "Satanic Panic.".
bullet Most Wiccans still stayed in the closet and did not go public with their beliefs and practices because of threats of violence or retaliatiation.
bullet There were numerous reports of violence against Wiccans.

Times have really changed. Many Wiccans are now freely discussing their religion. Any people making statements like the following would be simply laughed at.

We feel that it is worthwhile placing this material on the Internet to show how far Wiccans have come in a decade and a half.

Topics covered in this section:

bullet From dictionaries and encyclopedias
bullet From agencies, governments, Christian & anthropology sources
bullet From books on Wicca, and the media

This material was partly based on information provided by C.M. Kern, Ontario Coordinator, Wiccan Information Network. Used by permission.

Latest update: 2004-SEP-05
Formatting changed: 2009-DEC-28

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