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Services, information, community, book publishers, and supplies (Cont'd):


Llewellyn is "... the world's oldest and largest independent publisher of books for body, mind, and spirit, Llewellyn is dedicated to bringing our readers the very best in metaphysical books and resources." See:

bullet Lodestone and Lady's Mantle defies description. They provide "fine occult & witchcraft supplies & instruction." They are more have a very amusing lexicon, an "Alchemist's Tea Party" blog, and provide a variety of forums. See:

bullet Magical wands -- how to make them. See:

bullet Magickal Products stocks hundreds of products from around the world, including Pagan, Native American, Christian, Feng Shui, etc. See:

bullet Magical Journeys is an online store featuring Wiccan, Celtic, Pagan, GLBT, Gothic and Occult products. See:

bullet is a website specializing in the sale of magic spells, gemstones and books. See:

bullet Mountain Rainbow Ark specializes in esoteric, New Age, metaphysical supplies as well as magickal, Wiccan, Pagan and Celtic products. See:

bullet My Midnight Sky is a spiritual and metaphysical store with " thousands of Metaphysical Products and Gothic Gift ideas from around the World. ..." See:

bullet Mystic & Ancient Shop is an online group that sells a wide range of New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, Gothic and Ancient wares and gifts. See:

bullet Norwood is A Pagan-run promotional products brokerage can supply customized T-shirts, pencils, mugs, mouse pads and dozens of other products with your logo. See:

bullet The Pagan Home Educators Alliance is an association for Pagan home-schooling families and for businesses who provide goods and services to the Pagan community. Their services include: a member's networking directory, a directory of businesses, a quarterly newsletter, an on-line E-mail newsletter, a catalog directory of publications for Pagan families, etc. Write: PHEA PO Box 95, Wauconda, WA 98859. E-mail: and

bullet The Pagan Journeys forum is an online forum and community primarily geared toward Pagan paths, but which also welcome others. It has a diverse blend of personalities, experience levels, and backgrounds. See:
bullet Pyretta's Lair is a British supplier with Pagan/Wiccan supplies, Gothic clothing, etc. See:

bullet Silver Stitches Witch Shop is an online source of over 5000 items including candles, incense, herbs, essential and anointing oils, athames, Pentagram jewelry, music, and ritual tools. See:

bullet White Magic Spells provides a broad range of spells for every occasion. See:

bullet The Wiccan Moon Community web site features a chatroom, message boards, descriptions of Wiccan beliefs, altars, tools, etc. See: Http://

bullet Wicca and Pagan Supplies provides books, herbs, tools, etc. to Wiccans, pagans, druids, shamans, crystal healers, psychics, tarot readers, etc. See:

bullet Wiccan Dream specializes in Wiccan supplies, Pagan supplies, Celtic, and New Age products. See:

bullet WiccanSpace is a Wiccan community site. See:

bullet Wicca-Wisdom-Spells sells spells online with a 100% one year guarantee. See:

bullet WitchcraftSpellsNow is a website maintained by Tasha Palladino, a Wiccan Priestess of the Ill-Alli Temple in Lincoln Park, NJ. She personally guarantees all of her spell casting services with a 60 day, 100% refund. See:

bullet The World Pagan Network is a group "for all Pagans." They help "Pagans find the contacts, rituals, meetings or even the best part of town for a Pagan to live." See:

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bullet Circle Magazine, PO Box 9, Barneveld, WI, 53507, USA. is a quarterly magazine published by Circle Sanctuary - one of America's oldest Neopagan resource centers. Their Web page is at:  Email is: Phone: (608) 942-2216

bullet A list of Wiccan and other Neopagan magazines is maintained by the folks at:

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Usenet Newsgroups:

The following Usenet Newsgroups are believed to be currently active:

bullet alt.divination
bullet alt.magick
bullet alt.mythology
bullet alt.pagan,
bullet alt.pagan.magick
bullet alt.tarot
bullet alt.religion.asatru
bullet alt.religion.druid
bullet alt.religion.shamanism
bullet alt.religion.wicca
bullet soc.religion.paganism
bullet soc.religion.shamanism
bullet talk.religion.misc
bullet talk.religion.newage

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Mailing List:

bullet The "Wicca/Pagan Reader" mailing list is a moderated discussion of Wicca, Neopaganism and other related topics. Anyone can join by sending an E-mail to LISTS@FN.ORG, placing SUBSCRIBE WICCA or SUBSCRIBE WICCA-DIGEST in the body of the message.

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Information about the ' Burning Times:'

bullet The Witching Hours is a "starting point for historical research into the great witch craze of 1100-1700 AD." See:

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Wiccan and other Neopagan Events:

bullet Major Neopagan festivals and gatherings are listed by the Witches Voice at:

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Teens and students:

bullet maintains a list of links to Wiccan web sites for and by teens. See:

bullet Teen Pagan Community is "a place for Pagan teens to gather and chat." See:

bullet The Teen Wiccan Page features essays on Wicca, the Wiccan Rede, etc., along with a glossary of terms, suggestions on helping the environment. See:

bullet The PurpleRaven Teen Wiccan Site provides "...information on beginning Wicca, Spells, Meditations and other Astral visitations, Faeries, Deities, Myths, Stories, Poetry from Teens... etc" See:

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Last updated and reviewed: 2013-NOV-20
Author: Bruce A Robinson
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