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bullet "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey." Taken from the Pagan Outlook mission statement.

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Additional essay on Wicca:

bullet The US Army has a book to help military chaplains when they deal with soldiers of non-traditional faiths. It was written by Dr. J. Gordon Melton in 1989-90 and contains an excellent description of Wicca. Dr. Melton is the editor of the impressive three volume set The Encyclopedia of American Religions Triumph Books, New York NY (1991), and subsequent editions.

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General information about Wicca, and similar paths:

There were once thousands of Wiccan and other Neopagan websites housed on GeoCities. Yahoo bought GeoCities in the late 1990s and took all of the latter websites off line in 2009. Some sites relocated elsewhere, but probably thousands simply died.

In case anyone is interested there are some interesting domain names available for purchase: and


Featured link: The Witches' Voice website contains an enormous amount of information: links to Neopagan websites, lists of pagans and covens by location; teen pagans, etc.

bullet Baba Lokenath Supply Agency manufactures wands of many styles: vine wands, Harry Potter Wizard wands, pocket wands, etc. They also make wooden boxes and velvet pouches for their wands. Web site:

bullet The Circle Guide to Pagan Groups is a Contacts directory of Wiccan covens, Druidic groves, Goddess centers, Shamanic circles, Pagan festivals, periodicals, networks, websites, and other resources. See:
The guide has been published by Circle Sanctuary, PO Box 9, Barneveld, WI, 53507, USA. since 1979. Phone: (608) 924-2216. Email:; Web site:

bullet The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) is an Independent Affiliate of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) -- a very liberal religious group that welcomes believers of all types and traditions. CUUPS is committed to furthering Pagan and Earth-centered thea/ology within the UUA. See:
bullet Eternal Myst! provides helpful knowledge and quality goods to the magickal community at reasonable prices. See:
bullet WiccaNet is a massive Wiccan website providing extensive information about the faith. See:
bullet Pagan | Wiccan Paths has numerous Pagan software downloads and other Wiccan and Pagan resources. See:
bullet Pagan Outlook "is a place for the seeker to gain enlightenment. Enlightenment comes in many shapes and forms. And with a group as diversified as Pagan Outlook is, the enlightenment is amazing." See:
bullet Everything under the Moon features witchcraft and Wiccan spells, love spells, a wide range of Neopagan jewelry, books, a Pagan message board, etc. Not to be missed is the section containing letters from Christians. See:
bullet Merry Times is a Canadian pagan e-zine. However, it doesn't seem to have been updated since 2001. See:
bullet Avatar Search is a specialist search engine that seeks out avatar websites. See:
bullet Magicka School offers magickal education from the heart of Tuscany in Italy. They offer free beginner's Wicca and Tarot courses. See:
bullet House Shadow Drake is an Irish traditional household for seekers to the elder traditions of Witchcraft. More specifically, we are a welsh-Irish tradition with a little "w" and a big "I." This is a traditional Witchcraft website, not Wiccan. However it may be of interest to some. See:
bullet Steven Scharff has a well written essay "What is Wicca," at:
bullet Norm Vogel has an essay containing facts about Wicca at: He has links to sections on handfasting, Sabbats, the circle, audio and video, etc.
bullet Beaufort House is a "collection of resources for the working Coven Leader" in English traditional Witchcraft at:
bullet The Inner Sanctum features "Wicca and Witchcraft resources, with Pagan rituals, new age spells, divination and more." See:
bullet ApologeticsIndex researches new religious movements and includes a section on Neo-Paganism. See: for a description of how outsiders view Neopaganism.
bullet Universal Class™ has an online class called Wicca 101 available. See:
bullet Witchcraft Dawning: Spiritual Education and Information brings "...the knowledge of many centuries into light for those who have yet to be exposed to the subjects society deems 'unwholesome'." See:
bullet The Temple of Starlight is an esoteric school of the Western Mystery Tradition. See:

bullet The Wiccan Pope Site is a curiously named website, because Wicca is an almost completely decentralized religious group without any central control. This website is by Vidian Didymus Lawrence who promotes naturism and his book "Alpha Primate." The book promotes Yahweh in the Old Testament and his consort, the Goddess of Wisdom. See:

bullet The New Harvest Moon is a free pagan social network -- a place for teachers to teach, students to learn, to meet new people, to commune with your fellow pagans, for solitary practitioners to come and learn online and share ideas and meet fellow pagans. The web site feature forums, a book store, links, etc. See:
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Individual covens: (Please see Witches Voice above for covens sorted by geographical locations)

bullet Indiana: The Sanctuary of the Crescent Moon is a Dianic Wiccan Temple and Coven, located in Highland, IN.  They offer open festivals and a comprehensive degree program in Dianic Wicca. See:

bullet Iowa: The Temple of the Flowing Waters is a Wiccan coven in Muscatine, IA. See:

bullet Virginia: The Circle of the Crystal Grove serves the Manassas/Centreville/Nokesville region. It is an eclectic group with ongoing discussion groups and workshops. See:

bullet Washington: The Church of the Sacred Spiral. It is an eclectic group with a really beautiful symbol. Their website has articles on astrology, poetry, a ritual calendar, principles of the Craft, etc. See:

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Websites with links to Wiccan sites:

Enchanted Complex sells a broad range of product from altar clothes to oils. See:

bullet AvatarSearch is a "SearchEngine of the Occult Internet." See:

bullet Wiccanet: Gateway to another world is a multi-function site featuring news, resources and information. Included are hundreds of links to Wiccan websites, suppliers, webrings See: 

bullet An impressive list of Pagan (including Wiccan) Internet resources can be seen at:

bullet A new site, Coven of the Celtic Circle provides links to other Pagan sites. See:

bullet Lavenderwaters gives awards to Neopagan websites which are creative original, elegant and show passion and heart. See a list by year at:

bullet Occult 100 maintains a list of Wiccan websites at:

bullet is an online directory of all things related to Witchcraft. They hand verify each link. See:

bullet Pagan Jewelry has a list of links to websites selling Wiccan jewelry and other supplies. See:

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Services, information, community, book publishers, and supplies:

bullet African-American Wiccans is a Yahoo! group for African Americans who are interested in Wicca and in incorporating African deities in rituals. See:

bullet The African-American Wiccan Society supports minorities who are interested in the many Pagan religions and practices including Wicca, various Spiritualisms, various Witchcrafts, Kemetics, and African
Diasporic religions such as Ifa, Santeria, Candomble, Hoodoo, and Umbanda etc. See:

bullet AZTech provides websites and access to inventory for Wiccan e-store or online gift shops. See:

bullet Azure Green is a metaphysical and new age supplier based in Massachusetts. They sell a multitude of items including books, CDs, Tarot decks, cauldrons, jewelry, statues, etc. See:
bullet "Branwen's Cauldron of Light" sells supplies for Wiccans and other Neopagans; it is also an  information source. See:

bullet Capall Bann Publishing publish a range of over 300 books of interest to Pagans, New Agers and others interested in alternative healing, earth mysteries, folklore, psychic and spiritual development. See:

bullet "Complete sun and moon data for one day," is at:

bullet Handcrafted UK sells an extensive range of Pagan giftware -- from altar items and cauldrons to crystal balls. See:

bullet Inner Circle is a live chat room for Australian Pagans. See:

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Last updated and reviewed: 2013-NOV-20
Author: Bruce A Robinson
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