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Essay donated by Mahlon Wickey

Does God interfere with man‚€™s will?

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Webmaster's note:

This essay addresses the paradox created by two historical Christian doctrines:

  • God is all-powerful and in total control of the universe, and
  • Humans have free will to make their own independent decisions.

The author, Mahlon Wickey, makes a number of biblically based but controversial assumptions:

  • Humans do not have the right to make choices unless God first gives them that right.
  • Humans do not have the ability to change their heart and mind without God's help.
  • Religious freedom and tolerance of minority religions are degenerative forces in American society.
  • America will remain profoundly divided until there is religious unity -- preferably within only one wing of one religion.
  • As Isaiah 45:7 implies, God creates natural disasters and other evils.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, and other catastrophes are generated by God as part of his plan of salvation.
  • Saving faith comes from God; it is not possible for a person to repent and be saved unless God has first granted the person grace to change.

Most of us at disagree with most of these beliefs. However, we are not in the censorship business. We encourage visitors to this web site to write supporting or opposing essays, or to post comments on our Facebook page: Facebook icon

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Does God interfere with man‚€™s will?

It is my belief that an All-powerful personal God is in absolute total control of the affairs of all nations and governments in this evil world.¬ In our ‚€œnormal‚€ human way of thinking we cannot comprehend the awesome REALITY of the existence of this All-powerful God, and the REALITY of the invisible eternal creation ‚€œbehind the scenes‚€ of our visible world.¬ Our very LIMITED minds also cannot comprehend just how HELPLESS we truly are, and how temporary sinful man‚€™s earthy environment truly is.¬ Either an All-powerful personal God is in total control of everything about this temporary environment of sinful man, or He isn‚€™t.¬ If God is NOT in control then I would hate to think of the consequences of an All-powerful God NOT ABLE to achieve HIS WILL in eventually defeating and abolishing evil and deception in this evil age.¬ Keep in mind an All-powerful God has the POWER to cause everything about His creation to eventually turn out exactly in accordance with HIS WILL.¬ So what is God‚€™s will (G2307)?¬ It is His intention, His desire, His pleasure, His determination, and His choice to actually DO what He chooses to do.¬ It‚€™s just that plain and simple to understand!¬

But can the will and desire of an All-powerful God be denied or thwarted by sinful man?¬ This short brief article will address a major doctrine of modern Christianity that teaches that man indeed has the ability to thwart and deny the WILL, desire, and intention of an All-powerful God.¬ I know this statement sounds very far-fetched and unbelievable and most people will totally discredit this statement I just made.¬ But people that believe in this certain doctrine have unknowingly put themselves in a position of indeed being able to be AS GOD in ruling themselves instead of letting the REAL God rule their lives.¬ I will explain later what I mean by being ‚€œas God‚€.¬ If people are swayed and taken in by this doctrine it leads them to believe that man has the RIGHT to choose his own beliefs and lifestyles, but it is NOT explained how and where man got this special ‚€œright‚€.¬ The belief in this certain doctrine teaches that this so-called ‚€œright‚€ means that God HAS TO ACCEPT the choices of all people including the choices of all evil and wicked people.¬ We have got to understand that the evil carnal mind RULES the world during this present evil age.¬ Either this truth is also in accordance with God‚€™s will, or it isn‚€™t.¬

If it isn‚€™t (I repeat, IF it isn‚€™t) God‚€™s will for this present evil world to be ruled by evil carnal men then WHY does it ‚€œseem‚€ that God is powerless to exercise His WILL to change the evil carnal heart of man?¬ Please think about this.¬ We can all agree that this world is ruled by evil men, but many Christians believe that evil men ruling this world is NOT in accordance with GOD‚€™S WILL.¬ They cannot allow themselves to believe otherwise simply because their belief in this certain doctrine will NOT allow for them to believe that God has PLANNED for evil men to rule this world during this evil age.¬ ¬ ¬

This article will address the subject and doctrine of ‚€œfree will‚€, otherwise known as the ‚€œfree moral agency of man‚€.¬ First of all I want to say this is a highly controversial subject and no doubt this article will raise more questions than answers.¬ This is a subject that is hard to understand because we all grew up generally influenced to NOT think outside of the accepted so-called ‚€œChristian‚€ viewpoint.¬ My ‚€œdisclaimer‚€ is that this article will be based on my flawed human thoughts and NOT based on ‚€œthus saith the Lord‚€, if you know what I mean.¬ We should all agree that salvation is the work of God and can ONLY happen if man‚€™s evil heart is changed.¬ But ‚€œfree will‚€ teaches that man can choose by his OWN will to be saved, therefore has the POWER to change his own heart.¬ But it is the Holy Spirit of God that has the power to change the evil heart of man, but ‚€œfree will‚€ teaches that man must FIRST choose to believe the gospel BEFORE God gives His Spirit.¬ The ‚€œfree will‚€ doctrine has it backwards.¬ It is God that acts FIRST!¬ When people begin to have an interest in the Bible, or their personality begins to change, and they find that they no longer think, talk, or act like the average person.¬ Or ‚€œsomething‚€ tells them that Christmas and Easter are pagan in origin, and they no longer care to participate in paganism.¬ The point is, their so-called ‚€œfree will‚€ DID NOT CAUSE that change.¬ It was the spiritual ‚€œcall‚€ of God that caused that change of heart, and it is DEPENDANT on God (NOT man) to create in man a NEW heart and spiritual mind.

We are living in a deceived nation that seems to have lost its way in the principles it was founded on, and it seems our political system and our elected leaders are helpless in passing legislation for the GOOD of this nation.¬ Many people no longer know what is good and what is evil, and cannot tell the difference in what are lies and what is truth.¬

We are truly a divided nation that has lost the art of good common sense, and it is not ‚€œpolitically correct‚€ to say that multiculturalism and multiracialism is causing this division.¬ We also have to be ‚€œreligiously correct‚€ in allowing the religion of ‚€œother gods‚€ (small g) to have equal time with the ‚€œChristian‚€ God.¬ We also have to be very careful in defining how and what our churches should teach, which is why churches do not explain that if different cultures and races are ‚€œblended‚€ and mixed together into one society there will be destructive results, and the rule of law will lose its force and society begins to break down.¬ It is obvious this nation as a whole will not turn to God in repentance since most people are willingly ignorant and deceived and do not know how and what to repent of.¬

Millions of Americans sense that they and their children are losing their freedom and liberty; hence the tea party movement which is a good thing.¬ Generally people do not realize what TRUE freedom and liberty really is, and it does NOT come from man‚€™s form of government.¬ TRUE freedom and liberty comes from a changed heart and a state of mind that can ONLY be caused by God.¬ It is so easy to get discouraged to see that politicians seem to be blind to NOT see that our nation is being taken over in a DELIBERATE attempt to reduce this nation to the point of needing a form of dictatorship to force Americans in compliance and obedience.¬ But we must NOT be discouraged because we can all take comfort to know in faith that there is an All-powerful God in charge of this nation.¬ We as individuals should pray for our elected leaders that their eyes be opened and that they govern with Godly wisdom, and we as individuals should re-examine what we believe as biblical truth.¬ It would be in our best theological interests to NOT have today‚€™s ‚€œChristian‚€ mindset, which means we should reject ALL (yes all) the ‚€œChristian‚€ teachings and methods of today‚€™s churches!¬ ¬ ¬

I am personally thankful of hearing that the doctrine of ‚€œhell‚€ is now being re-examined by certain people in our church world, and hopefully soon other doctrines will also be re-examined. ¬ Recently I watched Bill O‚€™Reilly on the Fox news channel doing an interview with Franklin Graham on the subject of hell.¬ Franklin explained that ALL people are given an opportunity to choose to accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the rejection of Christ‚€™s sacrifice is just as severe in God‚€™s eyes as the tormenting punishment of spending eternity in hell.¬

Franklin did NOT explain that most of mankind are spiritually blinded and are NOT called of God, and therefore are UNABLE to make a heartfelt confession and respond to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.¬ Franklin also did NOT explain that IF (I repeat IF) the full penalty for sin and willful unbelief is torment in hell for all eternity then Christ would ALSO have to suffer torment in hell for all eternity because Christ suffered the full penalty in our place.¬ Bill O‚€™Reilly made the excellent point that many people never heard of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so IF God casts these people in hell to suffer for all eternity that would make a merciful God into a ‚€œmonster‚€.¬ Franklin tried to explain that God knows the hearts of all mankind, and God would know who would accept Christ EVEN if they never heard the gospel.¬ I could see that Bill O‚€™Reilly was NOT at all satisfied with Franklin‚€™s answer.¬ There is something tragically wrong with Franklin‚€™s beliefs along with the beliefs of the modern churches that are caused by the doctrine of man‚€™s so-called ‚€œfree will‚€.¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

The churches cannot explain WHY mankind has to go through all kinds of evil and deception and WHY evil men are in control of our government and the direction and destiny of this nation.¬ They not only control our economy and the value of our money, but also control our ‚€œinformed‚€ news media, and our elections seem to be ‚€œrigged‚€ for certain candidates, and our churches seem to be controlled in what is taught as ‚€œChristian‚€ values and beliefs.¬ This is why the churches cannot explain WHY all manner of evil, wickedness, deception, sufferings, war, sickness, death, and yes even major weather disasters and earthquakes are NECESSARY and a major part of the overall plan of salvation by an All-powerful God.¬ To say that a merciful God is the creator of evil and darkness (deception) would be the height of blasphemy to most believers, and they have to reject the prophet Isaiah‚€™s plain statements that say exactly that.¬ Isaiah 45:7 (KJV) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these [things].

It is generally believed that man has the power and ability to determine by his OWN choices how and where he will spend eternity.¬ This theory of ‚€œfree will‚€ means that it is DEPENDENT on man IF he is to be saved.¬ ‚€œFree will‚€ teaches that God by all means MUST NOT violate or interfere with the will of man, so as to allow man to ‚€œfreely‚€ choose IF he is truly repentant and truly converted, and IF he is very serious about his salvation.¬

As if to say that God does NOT know the heart of man UNTIL he exercises his so-called ‚€œfree will‚€ of choice.¬ What nonsense!¬ The truth is, God ALREADY knows the deceptive evil heart of man, and He ALREADY knows his carnal feeble attempt at TRUE repentance will fail.¬ The meaning of ‚€œrepent‚€ (G3340) has to do with thinking differently, or to exercise the mind; NOT necessarily exercise actions, but of course actions will follow a change of heart.¬ The point is, true repentance MUST START with a changed heart, and a spiritual force outside of man MUST enter into man to CAUSE that change of heart.¬

The apostle Paul, a truly converted man, knew he did NOT have the power to do what he knew he should.¬ Read Romans 7:14-21.¬ It is very obvious that Paul was NOT talking about his ‚€œfree will of choice‚€ since he was unable to perform what he wanted to choose.¬ Paul did indeed have a changed heart but sin still dwelled in his flesh, and therefore he was NOT ABLE to perform the good that he knew he should and wanted to do, but instead found himself doing evil.¬ As Paul himself explained it was NOT him (verse 20), but SIN that dwelled in him that caused Paul to NOT be able to do what he wanted to do.¬ Paul‚€™s will was NOT FREE to choose to DO the good because SIN dwelled in him!¬ ¬

We have all heard the saying, ‚€œchoice is a beautiful thing‚€.¬ It is believed choices are ‚€œbeautiful‚€ because they are FREE from anything CAUSING them.¬ But ‚€œbeautiful‚€ choices can go very wrong that simply were CAUSED by circumstances beyond our control.¬ The very premise of free will is that choices must be UNCAUSED, or they must be FREE from anything that would ‚€œforce‚€ choices so that man is FREE to make his ‚€œbeautiful‚€ choices.¬ Why is a believer UNABLE to cease from sin IF he knows in his heart that he MUST choose to do so?¬ There is something that causes him to keep sinning in spite of his ‚€œbeautiful‚€ choice NOT to sin.¬ Christians with their ‚€œfree will‚€ to choose find that they are very limited to live by their choices.¬ ¬

It is seldom ever explained that repentance MUST be given and granted by God, and the correct faith and belief on Christ MUST also be given by God.¬ Notice Ephesians 2:8-9. (KJV) For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God:¬ These are some very revealing words about so-called ‚€œfree will‚€.¬ Saving faith is the GIFT OF GOD.¬ It is NOT an EXERCISE of man‚€™s free will! ¬

Did you notice that saving faith is ‚€œNOT of yourselves‚€?¬ In other words, it does NOT come from man‚€™s free will.¬ Yes, man MUST believe, but he is NOT CAUSED to believe by the deceitful and desperately wicked heart (Jer. 17:9).¬ It is NOT the wicked heart that has the saving faith, but the agency that causes man to believe is graciously imparted by God as a GIFT.¬ Salvation is God‚€™s work (not man‚€™s work), and it was God (not US choosing by free will) that regenerated us when we were dead in sins.¬ Life is God‚€™s gift, and faith is God‚€™s gift.¬ I repeat, we are saved by a certain faith which is NOT of ourselves!¬ We believe by the faith which GOD GIVES, not by our so-called free will!¬


It is also seldom ever explained that man is UNABLE to repent unless he is a TRUE believer, and that God has to call (invite) people BEFORE they can be believers in His promise (Acts2:39).¬ Most Christians know that IF man chooses to believe on Jesus Christ and chooses to repent then he will be saved, but again, these choices are NOT OF OURSELVES made by free will!¬ But if man decides NOT to believe on Jesus Christ then it is believed he is doomed to spend eternity in hell.¬ Is an All-powerful God just ‚€œwaiting, hoping, and wringing His hands‚€ up in heaven for sinful man to repent so that God is then ABLE to save man from hell?¬ What a ridiculous theory about a ‚€œhelpless‚€ God caused by the false teaching of ‚€œfree will‚€!¬

I understand why the free will doctrine is so EASILY believed.¬ It is believed that if man decides to believe on Christ by his OWN free will uncaused belief, and lives accordingly as best as he can by his OWN free will uncaused choices, then of course God would honor these efforts.¬ But these same believers fail to realize that the Spirit of God caused this belief and choices IN THE FIRST PLACE, and it is God that HAS to get the honor and glory of the efforts that believers put forth.¬ But ‚€œfree will‚€ means that MAN receives the honor and glory; simply because it is believed man by his OWN will has the POWER to make the choices since it is believed his choices have to be uncaused by God.¬ In recent years I have come to believe that all our ‚€œgood‚€ choices and all our evil choices, and yes even EVERY thought that comes to our minds have to be CAUSED by forces beyond our control.¬ This is why I believe the way man‚€™s ‚€œfree will‚€ as interpreted and taught by the churches is an illusion, simply because this theory of free will does NOT take in account the God-ordained universal law of ‚€œcause and effect‚€.¬

Sinful man is CAUSED to be sinful which is simply caused by the carnal nature that man was born with OUTSIDE of his control.¬ But it is NOT explained that the new birth and the new creation of a converted heart and mind are also caused OUTSIDE of man‚€™s control.¬ The problem with the illusion of free will is that it puts an All-powerful God in a ‚€œhands off‚€ position in the lives of sinful man.¬ It seems that most believers never give it a thought that just maybe this All-powerful God has deliberately kept His ‚€œhands off‚€ the vast majority of sinful man during this evil age.¬ Generally the reason people are compelled to believe on ‚€œfree will‚€ is because of what the apostle Peter explained.¬ 2Peter 3:9 (KJV) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.¬ ¬

This scripture is very true!¬ ALL believers have no problem at all believing strongly what is plainly said by this scripture.¬ But it is very obvious that the vast majority of mankind is in UNBELIEF, and yes the vast majority of mankind will perish during this evil age.¬ So the question is, did an All-powerful God FAIL to get what He wills and desires?¬ Is God ‚€œhelpless‚€ to get HIS WILL if man does NOT choose to come to repentance?¬ I say with a loud NO, God is not helpless to achieve what He WILLS and desires!¬ Sure, God is NOT willing that any should perish so why doesn‚€™t an All-powerful God PREVENT man from perishing?¬ The very PREMISE of 2Pet 3:9 is that the divine nature and character of God does NOT allow for Him to WANT to see anyone perish!¬ Maybe we should also ask WHY the creation was made subject to vanity but NOT WILLINGLY (Romans 8:20).¬ God was NOT willing to subject his creation to vanity for the SAME reason He is not willing that any should perish.¬ The churches do NOT explain that just maybe it is NECESSARY for the creation to be in vanity and corruption but ONLY for this age, and that it is also NECESSARY that most of mankind perish, but ONLY for this age.¬ For evil unbelieving mankind to perish is not the END of them! The churches do NOT explain WHY all that perished during this age will be resurrected sometime in a future age.¬ There will be a resurrection both of the just and the unjust (Acts 24:15).¬ IF evil unbelieving mankind is ALREADY condemned for eternity when they die (as most churches believe) then what purpose is there for a resurrection of the unjust?¬ Will God condemn them AGAIN?¬ It is never explained by our ‚€œlearned‚€ pastors that the resurrection to face the white throne judgment of works (Rev20:11-12) is for the GOOD of ALL mankind.¬

Those that believe in ‚€œfree will‚€ believe that man has only ONE chance at salvation, and there CANNOT be a second chance.¬ But it is never explained that the vast majority of sinful mankind that perished never had a FIRST chance!¬ The fact is, during this evil age most of mankind were UNBELIEVERS and did not have a changed heart.¬ Of course, man that has a changed heart by the Spirit of God will ‚€œwork out‚€ his salvation (not ‚€œwork FOR‚€).¬ Philippians2:12-13 (KJV) Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. 13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of [his] good pleasure.

A changed man knows he is NOT his own and he was bought with a very precious price.¬ He knows he is in training for a future glorious use, and therefore he WANTS to build Godly character in ‚€œfear and trembling‚€.¬ He has REVERENCE (fear) toward God and he has anxiety of NOT trusting in his OWN ABILITY to work out his salvation (‚€œtrembling‚€ could mean anxiety, G5156 Thayer‚€™s).¬ But ‚€œfree will‚€ teaches that man HAS THE ABILITY since he believes in HIMSELF to decide by his own free will (uncaused by God) to work out his salvation.¬ So WHO gets the credit for working IN US and WHO has the good pleasure?¬ Phil 2:12-13 is all about God working IN US and doing HIS good pleasure.¬ It is God causing believing saints BOTH to have the will and to do God‚€™s good pleasure.¬ This is NOT talking about believers ‚€œdeciding‚€ by their OWN WILL to do their OWN pleasure!¬ It is believed by the churches that this ‚€œone chance‚€ for salvation is limited ONLY to this time and ‚€œday‚€ because of the statement found in 2Corinthians 6:2. (KJV) (For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now [is] the accepted time; behold, now [is] the day of salvation.)

But notice Isaiah 49:8. (KJV) Thus saith the LORD, In an acceptable time have I heard thee, and in a day of salvation have I helped thee: and I will preserve thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, to establish the earth, to cause to inherit the desolate heritages; {establish: or, raise up}¬ Apparently in 2Cor 6:2 the translators misquoted Isaiah 49:8.¬ Most believers with the ‚€œfree will‚€ mindset interpret ‚€œTHE accepted time‚€ and ‚€œTHE day of salvation‚€ as NOW is the ONLY time and the ONLY day to choose to be saved by their own free will of choice.¬ There is a major difference in ‚€œAN accepted time‚€ and ‚€œA day of salvation‚€ as opposed to NOW is ‚€œTHE accepted time‚€ and NOW is ‚€œTHE day of salvation‚€.¬ So who do we choose to believe; the translators of 2Cor 6:2 or do we choose to believe the correct statement of Isaiah 49:8?

We all know the famous statement by Jesus Christ that ‚€œthe kingdom of God is within you‚€ (Luke 17:21).¬ The word ‚€œwithin‚€ (G1787) does indeed mean ‚€œinside‚€.¬ But most commentators say ‚€œwithin‚€ should be interpreted as ‚€œin the midst‚€ or ‚€œamong‚€.¬ But for what it‚€™s worth, the Greek meaning does NOT mention ‚€œin the midst‚€ or ‚€œamong‚€ according to Strong‚€™s Concordance.¬ ¬ Christ stated that the kingdom of God is INSIDE the heart of man, but obviously most men are not RULED by the kingdom.¬ These men that Christ was talking to were the Pharisees identified as a ‚€œgeneration of vipers‚€ (serpents).¬ We HAVE to accept that Jesus Christ did indeed say that the kingdom of God was WITHIN these evil ‚€œserpent‚€ people!¬ God put in the hearts of all mankind the potential rule of the kingdom that is ALREADY within their hearts, and therefore this is WHY it is possible for evil men to repent and be RULED by the kingdom of God. ¬ I believe evil minded men are of the ‚€œseed of the serpent‚€ to FULFILL God‚€™s purpose for evil and enmity (hatred) (Gen3:15) but ONLY during this evil age.¬ Therefore they are COMPELLED to resist the rule of the kingdom so they can do their temporary (yes, temporary) evil and deceptive ways.

This brings us to the example of Judas Iscariot.¬ The irony was that Christ ALREADY knew Judas was a ‚€œdevil‚€ (false accuser) and He picked him to be an apostle!¬ Read John 6:70-71.¬ The major point is that Christ knew Judas would betray Him, but He DID NOT warn Judas of his upcoming terrible fate, nor did He try to stop Judas from betraying him!¬ It is very obvious that Judas was chosen and foreordained by God to betray Christ.¬ Notice what it says of Judas in Matthew 26:24 using the Concordant Literal New Testament. The Son of Mankind is indeed going away, according as it is written concerning Him. Yet woe to that man through whom the Son of Mankind is being betrayed!¬ Ideal were it for Him if that man were not born!

That is the correct wording and should be explained in the following manner by the added words in parenthesis‚€¶. The Son of Mankind (Him) is indeed going away, according as it is written concerning ‚€œHim‚€ (Christ was prophesied by God to be crucified). Yet woe to ‚€œthat man‚€ (Judas) through whom the Son of Mankind (Him) is being betrayed!¬ Ideal were it for ‚€œHim‚€ (Son of Mankind) if ‚€œthat man‚€ (Judas) were not born!

Christ knew he was going to suffer by the action of Judas, but it would have been ‚€œideal‚€ for Christ in a personal way if Judas had NOT been born.¬ That is all this scripture is saying!¬ Later it dawned on Judas what he had done and he was so overwhelmed with guilt and remorse that he hung himself, as we all know.¬ Talk about true repentance!¬ Judas of course was NOT converted but since he could not live with himself it was the only way he knew HOW to repent!¬ The Father forgave him as He forgave the Romans solders (Luke 23:34) that also were foreordained to brutally crucify Christ.¬ None of this could have been foreordained by God IF it depended on Judas choosing this evil act on his own so-called free will!¬ This evil act by Judas is covered and atoned for by Christ‚€™s blood (as all sin is), but all sin must be accounted for, and Judas will be resurrected to give an account, be judged, chastised, and corrected (as all mankind will be).¬ He will then know the Father had ALREADY forgiven him when he did his evil act, and he will then know WHY he was chosen and foreordained to betray Jesus Christ.¬

It is explained in Exodus by several scriptures that ‚€œthe Lord hardened Pharaoh‚€™s heart‚€, as we all know.¬ Over the years I have heard several theories how it could be explained how and why Pharaoh‚€™s heart was hardened.¬ It is believed by most people that it would NOT be correct to believe that God actually hardened Pharaoh‚€™s heart simply because it is believed Pharaoh had the ‚€œfree will‚€ of choice.¬ Why not just believe the plain wording of scripture!¬ God INDEED hardened Pharaoh‚€™s heart for the very reason NOT to let Israel go to serve God in the wilderness!¬ These events pointed to the spiritual exodus out of spiritual Egypt by spiritual Israel because they understand the hurtful ‚€œplagues‚€ of evil and deceit, which they can escape by serving God in the ‚€œwilderness‚€ of this evil world!¬ This very important history LESSON had to be in the total CONTROL of God, and the correct OUTCOME of these events most certainly was NOT determined on Pharaoh‚€™s so-called free will of choice!¬

Notice 2Thes 2:3-4 KJV (3) Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (4) Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.¬ ¬ ¬ Paul knew that the Church would ‚€œfall away‚€ from the truth of God.¬ Who was this man of sin called the ‚€œson of perdition‚€ that had to be revealed with the falling away?¬ Many men that are ‚€œlearned‚€ in prophecy teach that there will come a certain world ruler that will sit in the temple in Jerusalem, and will deceive the whole world into believing that he IS GOD.¬ But is this what Paul was explaining, and what was the deception that caused the early Church to fall away from the truth of God?¬ Whatever this deception was it caused this man of sin to be revealed AS GOD.¬ He is also called the son of perdition, and Judas was also called the ‚€œson of perdition‚€ (John 17:12); which means Judas could also be called the ‚€œman of sin‚€.¬ This truth tells us a lot in identifying who or what this ‚€œman of sin‚€ truly is.¬

This man of sin would sit in the ‚€œtemple of God‚€, and Paul identified that WE are the temple of God (1Cor 3:16-17), and His Spirit dwells IN US.¬ It is NOT some future building in Jerusalem called the temple!¬ The man of sin IS the man of sin IN US (in the temple of God) that causes us to actually believe we are AS GOD to determine ON OUR OWN what to believe and how to live.¬ This is the same deception that Satan told Adam and Eve and that they would be AS GODS (Gen3:5).¬ Adam became AS GOD knowing BOTH good and evil, or he became a ‚€œman of sin‚€ and ALL mankind of Adam‚€™s race inherited this same DEADLY mixture of knowing BOTH ‚€œgood and evil‚€.¬ Man ‚€œas God‚€ believes he has the RIGHT AND FREEDOM to choose on his OWN what is good and evil.¬ He can ‚€œdecide‚€ to rule HIMSELF!¬ Today this deception is called the ‚€œfree will of man‚€.¬

But this ‚€œman of sin‚€ will be destroyed by the ‚€œbrightness‚€ of Christ‚€™s coming (2 Thes 2:8), because the saints HAVE to have sin destroyed in the ‚€œtemple of God‚€ BEFORE they can be resurrected.¬ The ‚€œcoming‚€ of Christ has to be IN US that destroys the power of sin; it is NOT destroyed by man‚€™s feeble attempt by his ‚€œfree will choices‚€!¬ Most people claim this man of sin HAS to be a certain individual since he is ABLE to do miracles, signs, and wonders to convince the world he is God.¬

2Thes 2:9 explains that the man of sin does indeed come with all the power of Satan to deceive with signs and lying wonders (or miracles).¬ Notice it is LYING wonders; meaning they are a FRAUD!¬ The satanic ‚€œman of sin‚€ in the sinful heart of man is able at times to produce certain ‚€œsigns‚€ (indications) in having the power to deceive, but he is NOT ABLE to produce REAL miracles!¬ A modern church service has the power to deceive in causing emotional feelings that cancel OUT sound (reliable) doctrine.¬ They also will rehearse ‚€œbackstage‚€ to produce LYING wonders of ‚€œhealings‚€, and are able to deceive with other signs and LYING wonders.¬ But this is NOT to say that at times there are REAL healings done by God honoring sincere prayer. ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

There are many scriptures that support a sovereign God who IS LOVE (1John 4:8) that truly has FREE WILL (instead of man) to actually do what He WILLS!¬ 1Timothy 2:4 says very plainly that God ‚€œWILL HAVE‚€ ALL MEN to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.¬ But our deceived churches REFUSE to believe that scripture!¬ They are compelled to believe that the word ‚€œALL‚€ cannot truly mean ‚€œALL‚€, (this is true in the proper context of certain scripture, but NOT in 1Tim 2:4).¬ They of course will admit that ‚€œALL‚€ truly means ‚€œALL‚€ in 2Peter 3:9 (that ‚€œALL‚€ come to repentance).¬ But when it comes to God saving ‚€œALL men‚€ their views suddenly change to mean only a ‚€œfew men‚€.¬ This hypocritical mindset is all caused by the false doctrine of ‚€œfree will‚€.¬ But there are ‚€œproblem‚€ scriptures that supposedly support the ‚€œfree will‚€ doctrine, and this is all the more reason this subject should be studied more fully.¬

We do not understand the POWER of deception that it has on what we believe about an All-powerful sovereign God, and the power it has on our personal lives.¬ The Bible was written to be STUDIED!¬ The deceptions caused by NOT studying has the POWER to cause us to NOT see (perceive) the Kingdom of God, and we might not qualify to rule all nations with Jesus Christ for a ‚€œ1000 years‚€.¬ But all these deceptions are temporary, but they are necessary for a glorious PURPOSE, and they will all be lifted during a future age for ALL mankind of Adam‚€™s race to ‚€œlook back‚€ and know WHY they were compelled to believe and live out their lives based on their so-called FREE WILL!¬

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Author: Mahlon Wickey at: See his web site at:, &
Essay written: 2011-MAY
Posted: 2011-MAY-18

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