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Wicca: a Neopagan, Earth-centered religion

Some introductions to Wicca
from You Tube and USA Today

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Wiccan pentacle

A Wiccan pentacle symbol

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Wicca - A basic introduction to the topic: 6:50 min.

KOB-TV's introduction to Wicca: 3:32 min.

KOB-TV in New Mexico produced this 3.5 minute introductory video on Wicca.

Their description:

"Wiccans, followers of a federally recognized religion that practices a form of shamanism, are alive and well in New Mexico with a nationally known seminary in Jemez Springs."  

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Correllian first degree Wiccan class 12:13 min:

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S.J. Tucker has placed the following song on You Tube. It is titled "Witches' Rune )O(" 4:15 min:

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"Witchcraft: A beginners guide, Part 1. 33 min.

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Websites featuring videos by Wiccans and other Neopagans:


Dogpile lists a number of additional Wiccan videos at:


Wiccan Together, an "Online Community for Pagans & Wiccans," has over 2,000 videos at:

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Posted 2009-MAR-13
Last updated 2017-DEC-10

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