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The following word search was donated by Ms. Laura Ellen Shulman:

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		    O K N O M A L S I S R A P R I E S M T
		    M B R A H M A N A I T S I R H C W S O
		    A R E T S I N I M A L A V P O A I I R
		    R S H I N D U H O B B E R N M R I H A
		    H M U L L M A T A R D I F A H A D D Z
		    S S Q I U O E H A A E U H C I W A D I
		    A I N L C C A H S S C A A C S D M U H
		    V O L M H U A S T I V A R B R R M B A
		    I A A I L M F Y A I N E O A K U A I R
		    H T N L N B B N R D U A T I S G H H T
		    S G A S J A I A O Q N R P R B R U C S
		    W H V U Q S R G S C S E D U A B M H U
		    A U R M M O N O W U L H D M H U A U H
		    M B I B L E M G K P T D I K A A Q R T
		    I J N A N A K U M A H R A N I L L H A
		    A N H S I R K E R A M L A O T Z U L R
		    H K I S A H T A G U I I S E S O M U A
		    S U S E J E W A D I G R A N T H C M Z

Contents of the word search:

(Religions)            (Founders)          (Ultimate Reality)
Bahai                  Abraham             Allah
Buddhism               Bahaullah           Brahman
Christian              Buddha              Christ
Confucianism           Confucius           God
Hindu                  Jesus               Kali
Islam                  Krishna             Kami
Jain                   LaoTzu              Nirvana
Jew                    Mahavira            Shiva
Muslim                 Moses               Tao
Parsi                  Muhammad
Shinto                 Nanak
Sikh                   Zarathustra

(Places of Worship)    (Leaders' Title)    (Scriptures)
Ashram                 Guru                AdiGranth
Church                 Minister            Bible
Gurdwara               Monk                Gathas
Mosque                 Mullah              Koran
Synagogue              Nun                 Sutra
Temple                 Priest              TaoTeChing
                       Rabbi               Torah
                       Swami               Upanishads

The words are oriented horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

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