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Essay donated by Zicon the Dragon Master.

Is there an afterlife?

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A short introduction: I am a Wiccan whose beliefs, if they can be called that are based on personal experiences. My Wiccan name is. Zicon the Dragon Master.

The following is one of my personal experiences and is a true event in my life.

Some information needed to understand how my two oldest sons could do what they did.

When our children turned three they started to have nightmares. My first wife (now deceased) and I taught them the Eastern belief that nightmares are caused by elemental spirits that feed on human fear vibrations. We then explained that they were much more powerful and could do anything in the astral that they could imagine doing. It usually took about two nights for them to get control. After which they would come to breakfast with a big smile and tell us how they had beat-up their elemental. Afterwards they were free from nightmares and wanted to go to bed so they could explore the astral world where they had superpowers.

I am going to use their middle names to spare them any embarrassment should their friends read this. Also this happened when they were in public school and they are now grown, married and parents, so I am working from memory and apologize if my memory isn't perfectly accurate.

My eldest Fred and his brother Martin had just come home from public school.

Fred. "Dad, what's this Heaven and Hell the Christian kids are talking about?"

Zicon. "Well I could tell you my beliefs, but you two can astral travel, why don't you go and see for yourselves?"

Fred. "We can do that?"

Zicon. "Sure, Heaven is up in the spiritual/energy sense, so when you go into the astral, rev up your spiritual vibrations, look to the light and go the the light."

They went off and I didn't thing anything of it until three mornings later when Martin came to breakfast muttering. "It's not fair. It's no fun anymore!"

Our parental antenna's shot-up, I looked at my wife, she looked at me, and together we said. "What's, no fun anymore?"

Fred. "The first night we did as you said. We went to the light and found ourselves in a park with trees and a small lake. We looked around and to the right saw a cloud, that came down to the ground, with seven pearly gates on it. We walked up the cloud, past a line of people, past a guy standing at the gate with a big book and walked through the gate. Inside was a path leading to a huge building and lined with angels. We walked to the building and inside found thousands of people in tiers of benches, praying and singing."

Martin. "After listening for a while I though, don't these people realize they're on a cloud and that planes and rockets fly through clouds? What would happen if an ICBM came flying up through this place? Then an ICBM did come up through the floor and went crashing out through the room. There was a lot of screaming and panic and we felt we should leave before someone figured that we did this. Fortunately the angels were all staring at the missile disappearing into the sky and paid no attention to us."

Fred. "We didn't know how to get to Hell, but reasoned that you had to be rejected from heaven first, so, there must be a way down from there. So the the next night we went to the gate and looked around and yes there was a path going down. It lead to a black iron gate guarded by two daemons. We went in and looked around. We found that they are still using the old Greek tortures. It was very interesting for a while, but you can only watch a guy push a bolder up a hill, fall, get crushed, get reconstituted, walk down the hill and start all over so many times and even that gets boring."

Martin. "I thought, what would happen if a fire truck came through here? And a fire truck came roaring through."

Fred. "Nobody seemed to pay any attention. So, we talked it over and decided seeing it was so hot it would be a good place to sell ice-cream. So we whipped up an ice-cream truck and began trying to sell some. Some daemons came over to see what was going on, while the dammed just stood there open-mouthed. This upset the management and we were taken to the gate and told to, never darken Hell's doorway again."

Fred. "I was not interested in going back a third time but Martin wanted to check out the heavens and hells of other religions."

Martin. "When I landed in the park on the third night, there was a young woman waiting for me." She said. "Hello, Martin, I'm your guide." Martin. "This was OK with me as I had no idea where to go. She took me off to the left and we saw many different heavens of different religions. She explained each one to me. But whenever I though of something, she would say "NO you don't" and block me. After the third time I got upset and left. It wasn't any fun anymore."

Note: when Fred's wife heard this story she turned to Fred and said. "So, you trashed Heaven and corrupted Hell?" He responded "Well I hadn't thought of it that way but yes." She "I'm so proud of you!"

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Originally posted: 2007-NOV-24
Latest update: 2011-AUG-13
Author: Zicon the Dragon Master

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